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Good Digital Marketing Means REAL Content

Because it takes about three milliseconds when scrolling through your Facebook Newsfeed to determine whether a piece of content is real or an advertisement, it's no wonder so many businesses' Facebook pages are like ghost towns, littered with posts that have no likes, no comments, no shares—no engagement.

All the content posted by digital marketing companies is usually complete trash. Sound harsh? Good. Because it's true.

Go look at your Facebook page. How many of the posts are simply links to articles on other websites? How many posts are stupid memes that anyone can find on Google?

If your Facebook page is like most businesses' Facebook Pages, it's probably all of them.

Now, how many posts are real videos of you or people at your company doing their jobs, explaining something valuable? How many posts are real pictures of you or your employees?

Probably very few. And that's exactly the problem.

When you hire a digital marketing agency, they have to be the type of agency who works their ass off to get real content from you to use across all of the relevant social media channels.

If they don't, and instead rely on stock imagery and stupid memes that are on a billion other Facebook Pages already, you've hired an agency who simply doesn't feel like getting their hands dirty.