You Don’t Need New Social Media Software. You Need Good Content.

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You Need Good Content

A client of ours recently asked me if they should be using various social media software.

Like HootSuite, Nuvi, etc.

Here’s my response:


I’m familiar with both tools and other tools like them.

The thing is…

The tools themselves are always touted as the magic pill that all of the sudden launches your social media strategies into the stratosphere.

But the fact is that no tools are worth anything if the content you’re sharing is weak.

HootSuite, which we use to schedule our social media posts, for example, is an effective tool for doing just that.

But if the content is weak, it doesn’t matter how good the tool for sharing it is.

I recommend not using any of these tools—at least until you’re able to produce and publish really good content on a regular basis.

Like the video I made of Dr. Cohen, which, in a day, has reached over 2000 people in the newsfeed and been watched nearly 1000 times:

effective social media post

Here’s the video:

To put it in perspective, when we post articles about plastic surgery from 3rd party sources, they get 1 like, or none.

Comparatively, the above mentioned video has received over 20 likes (several heart reactions because people loved the video), shares, etc., in less than 24 hours, and without paying Facebook a dime to boost it.

We need more of this. We need to be faster with producing and publishing content.

We need more teamwork from the staff in terms of sharing and liking content we post.

For example, everyone at BH should like and share that video of Dr. Cohen.

Why wouldn’t they?

Doing so would get the video to reach thousands more people.

In short, we need less money spent on tools and more time and effort spent documenting the amazing things that happen at BH each and every day.

At least, that’s what I believe…


Bottom line:

Content is king and queen.

And sharing an article that is related to your industry isn’t going to cut it.

Sure, there’s a place for that, particularly if you accompany that share with some input about the article you’re sharing—whether you agree, disagree, or maybe you have something to add.

YOU have to be the publisher.

And to be the publisher, you have to produce the content. You have to put effort into it.

you don't need social media software

You have to document the things you do that others might like to see.

Good content takes effort; not tools.

Curious about how I created that video? What tools I used?

Simply put:

My iPhone 7 Plus and iMovie.

You can do this too. It just takes some effort.