Writing for Social Media: Tips for Different Platforms

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writing for different social media platforms

Since social media was introduced nearly 15 years ago with the advent of MySpace, businesses have begun using these platforms for everything from customer engagement to marketing. While it is tempting to reuse the same content from one social media site to another, each provides unique opportunities to reach new customers, interact with current users, and create attention-grabbing content.


While Facebook is becoming the place where your Great Aunt Peggy shares pictures of her pug and her latest political rants, it is still one of the most effective tools in a business’s marketing strategy. Posts should be positive and upbeat as positivity breeds engagement. As tempting as it may be to take advantage of the flexibility of Facebook posts to say something of importance, the content shared should provide information but require someone to click through to get the whole story. Oddly enough, if a Facebook post is less than 80 characters, it will garner 86 percent more engagement from current and potential customers.

Make your posts fun, like ours below. Also, videos garner lots of engagement.

Posts with images (and videos) also get the highest level of engagement on Facebook, but images should be mobile friendly. Questions always drive engagement, especially if they are about a user’s personal life or preferences. Likewise, it is important to engage with users in the comments section, not just when the business is open, but also when users are engaging with the post.


The 140 character limit on Twitter has proven difficult for many powerful people to manage. Use questions, facts, and statistics to drive retweets and keep the original tweet to 100 characters. Hashtags and mentions also drive Twitter engagement as people can quickly identify content and the people who are driving it. Be sure to include photos, videos and a clear call to action, so users know what you want them to do.


Photo editing apps can give your Instagram feed a consistent look. As tempting as it may be to take an extreme close-up of the subject of the photo, the two-thirds rule – the subject should only take up two-thirds of the screen – is the sweet spot that drives engagement. Using trending hashtags, engaging in casual two-way conversations in the comments section, and using questions in the photo captions can keep your Instagram photo at the top of the feed.

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Beautiful pictures are key to Pinterest, but human faces are not. In fact, images with human faces receive 23 percent less interaction than those without them. Saturated images with lots of red or orange tend to drive engagement as does a compelling background that takes up less than 40 percent of the image.

When it comes to managing social media, best practices are constantly evolving as the platforms grow and change. The time-consuming nature of social media and the often frustrating process of engaging with customers can take the focus away from the day-to-day process of running a business. With social media management services, Minyona offers you a chance to see the benefit of social media marketing without the hassle. Contact Minyona today to see how we can serve you.