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Michael Mignogna

Michael Mignogna

I do the strategy, build websites, write copy, set up marketing campaigns and tracking, and more.

Michael Mignogna

Vanessa Schettini

And I keep things organized and running smoothly—from creating reports to building spreadsheets—so that we rarely feel stressed.

Michael Mignogna

Julia Bender

It's true. While I always have a lot of designing to do, I never really feel overworked or anxious. It's a good energy all around.

Michael Mignogna

Ivan Svetlichniy

I don't know what you guys are talking about... I haven't slept in 3 years, and I have so much more coding to do I'm going to have a nervous breakdown.

"Digital marketing is a bunch of bullshit..."

We've heard it a thousand times...

I can't tell you how many companies we've consulted with who've wasted money on ineffective digital marketing companies.

Well, I could, but I don't really feel like going back several years to figure it out...

Companies that paid money for new websites that were obsolete before they were even launched.

Websites that weren't built to sell anything, but instead built to look pretty...

And they didn't even look pretty!

Companies that paid tons of money for "SEO" and frustratingly complain to me that "Nothing worked, not even 'the Google.'"

That's why we hear, "digital marketing is a bunch of bullshit."

It's too easy for bad people to say big scary words that no one understands and get small businesses to give them money that results in ZERO return on investment (ROI).

That's why we're not "digital marketers." We're consultants.

You're a small business owner who needs more customers. You'd also like for them to pay you more money, or at least not give you such a hard time about your prices.

As a company who's tasked with making that happen, it's imperative that we have certain qualities:

For instance, if you want to sell something, convince someone to work with you, etc., you need to get under their skin. You need to identify the pain points and then communicate them effectively.

You need someone who knows everything about direct response marketing.

My name is Michael Mignogna, and I help small businesses—usually local, family owned businesses—make a comeback, and grow beyond their wildest dreams.

I love writing sales copy, like the copy you're reading right now. And I like doing it differently than everyone else.

Most of the stuff you read on websites and social media is boring, sterile, ineffective...

It's got no soul. It tries to appeal to everyone, and ends up appealing to no one.

Sure, there are business owners who will read this and think, "This seems weird... I need something 'more professional.'"

And that's fine. I've worked with clients like that before who didn't let us flex our muscles and separate them from their equally boring competitors.

Some of them I was able to convert... They eventually let us do what we knew was right.

And their businesses exploded.

Guess what happened to the ones who didn't let us do our work like we knew best?

They failed, then blamed it on us.


And sad...

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