What to Do When You Get a Lead but the Phone Number Doesn’t Work

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I work with roofing companies across the country, bringing them tons of leads with my advertising systems.

While the leads are really high quality, there always instances that result in a lead being hard to actually get on the phone:

For example, when they leave a bad phone number or mistype it when filling out the lead form…

When that happens, it’s tough to get in touch. You can send an email, but the open rate for emails is pretty low. You could knock on their door or send them snail mail, but that takes time.

And speed is everything.

In this video, I share with you one of the tricks that one of my clients uses.

That’s the benefit of working with roofing clients all over the country:

I can share with other roofers some of the things that they do to run their businesses better!

Now, obviously this particular trick is only helpful to roofers who are getting leads.

So, if you’re a roofer who isn’t getting leads, and you want leads, click here and let me know by filling out the form: