What If You Could Clone Your Perfect Clients? (Seriously)

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Think about it…

If I asked you to name some of her current clients who you LOVE doing work for, I bet you could do it. 

And I bet you wish you had more of those perfect clients—the ones who are just a dream to do work for. 

If only you could find people EXACTLY like them to introduce your business to…

Well, you actually can do just that using something called Facebook Lookalike Audiences. 

In this episode, I go over what Facebook Lookalike Audiences are. Not only do I read directly from the Facebook for Business website and explain what we’re reading, but I even give a peek behind the curtain at a current client’s Facebook ads account so you can see the custom audiences I’ve created thus far, including the lookalike audiences. 

If you’re listening to this as a podcast, it’s still super valuable, even though you can’t see what I’m showing on video. But if you want to watch the video, head over to the minyona YouTube channel, or Minyona Facebook page. 

Or you can also find all of these videos on the blog on minyona.com.

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