Website Launch: HoCo Fence

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New Website Launch HoCo Fence

– [Michael M.] You don’t have to get the whole desk in here.

– [Michael J.] Yeah, obviously. Action.

– Hello. We wanted to share with you our newly… I’m going to start over.

We want to share with you a newly-launched website for a fence installation and repair company who’s been around for many, many years but never had a website and never had a logo or anything, and so they wanted us to create all of that for them. So why don’t you come around here and see what we did?

So the first thing we do is create a logo for them, so we created a logo.

Create An Awesome Logo, THEN Design Your New Website

This is the logo here. Check it out:

Logo Minyona Designed For A Local Business

And here it is in color:

Logo Minyona Designed For A Local Business

HoCo Fence, pretty cool name. The logo, I think, is really awesome.

The Homepage Of Your Website Should Be STUPID-SIMPLE To Use

Why don’t you zoom back out here? And let’s look at the homepage of the website:

Homepage of a Website Designed by Minyona

The website homepage is super simple. We’re going to add more content to it eventually, but we wanted to get the site launched to get them indexed in Google so that they start showing up for all the search terms that bring them leads.

When you land on it, you can choose one of two things to do:

You can either choose RESIDENTIAL if you have a home and you want a fence for that, or COMMERCIAL if you have a business and would like a fence for that.


Let’s click into Learn More for RESIDENTIAL, and we’ll see the Residential Fence Installation & Repair page.

You’ll land on this page here:

and, as you can see, it’s a nice landing page with… you have some options in terms of what you want to click on: wood, wrought iron, chain link, vinyl.

There’s a call to action which is really important to have on your pages above the fold.

Above the fold meaning above where the website cuts off at the bottom of the screen.

And then there are two links here for if you want to view the GALLERY or READ MORE. And the gallery and more information are both on this page, and what clicking this does is it automatically scrolls you down to that particular area.

So that takes you to the GALLERY. That takes you to READ MORE, so let’s read more. Let’s just scroll through this really quickly. Look how rich this content is.

These are all really frequently asked questions about fence installation that people often put into Google and they ask about.

And the reason you want this on your page is because it helps you to rank if you can answer these questions really well.


That’s why we built this really rich page full of helpful information for their residential fence installation.

Photo Galleries With Strong Keywords Are REALLY Great For SEO

And then this gallery is really a beautiful gallery. If you click an image, you’ll see that it opens up into a lightbox here, and the lightbox is just a really easy to use functionality where you can just click and scroll through all of these images.

And these are images that HoCo Fences has actually done, so these are all real images.

And this is a bit of a technical thing, but the images are optimized for the web, both for size, meaning they’re not too large that they load really quickly, but also their filenames are descriptive. So this filename is wood-fence-6-foot- tall-board-on-board-with-arch-top- gothic-post. Now, that’s a long file name, but it’s descriptive, and we made the metadata for this particular image and all of the ones in this gallery descriptive as well so that Google indexes them like they should, and so this page shows up beautifully in Google search.

Now, this FAQ functionality here is pretty interesting:

If you click it, it automatically opens up like an accordion. This is called accordion functionality, so you can read more but you don’t take up the whole page with a ton of extra content. It’s really nice to be able to use an accordion like that.

Having A Clean Website Structure Is So Important If You Want To Rank In Google

And then there is the FENCE TYPES page which has a really beautiful layout that shows the different types of fences you could get. And then if you click LEARN MORE on a particular type of fence, it opens up the type of fence page, so chain link fences, for example.

There’s a quick little gallery here showing the chain link fences. Easy to scroll through. And, again, a really rich page with awesome content.

Put Your Location Information In The Footer Of Your Website If You Care About Local SEO

Let’s look at the footer of the website:

This is on every single page is this, right in the footer:

Perfect Website Footer for Local SEO

And this is really important if you’re a local company and you’re looking to rank for local search terms like fence installation Howard County, or something like that, or fence installation Baltimore.

This website was just launched, so it’s not going to be ranking just yet. It’ll take a few weeks, maybe a month, maybe less, but it definitely wouldn’t rank if we didn’t do this along with other local search optimization. So in the footer here are their hours of operations, which Google likes to know that you have listed their address all according to Google’s best practices, a map here that, actually, you’re able to type in what your location is currently and it’ll actually show you the route to their place of business.

So let’s do that:

Show route, and there we go. So if you scroll down a little bit, you’ll see the whole route. It shows it here, so you can actually see how to get there. It’s pretty awesome, and that’s on every page.

And Google looks at that and says, “Wow, this website’s really easy to use. It’s really simple to find out where you want to go and how to get there,” so I think that’s a really important thing to do.

That is that. That’s HoCo Fence. Cool website, simple to use. Check it out.

If you want to see how it works on your phone, it’s beautiful on a mobile device as well as are all the websites we build. And that’s it. If you have questions, comments, like this and share it if you like it and you feel like sharing it, and that’s it. See you next time. ♪ [music] ♪