Website Launch: Advantage Prosthetics & Orthotics

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Website Launch Advantage Prosthetics & Orthotics


pippy is not really part of this video, but I’m holding her because my mom works down the Hall. not for this company; she’s a lawyer and I’m holding pippy while she does stuff. anyway. We are launching a new website today for a company called advantage prosthetics and orthotics uh they do prosthetics orthotics and located in pikesville and they’re awesome and the problem is the website wasn’t nearly as awesome as they are in real life. so We got contacted by the one of the owners and we looked at what they had going on in terms of their website and social media. So today we’re gonna be launching their new website. I wanted to give you a peek at the old website First, we also we did there logo um so why don’t you come around here and take a look at what we have. this is their current website and what will soon be their old website. Uh this is their logo. Um the one that they had made I guess a while ago so we decided we wanted to redo the logo; they agreed that that was a cool idea, so we did and we also wanted to redo the website. One of the reasons we wanted to redo the website was because not only is the design as it is right here antiquated there isn’t much good content on the site. It also is not very Mobile friendly; you’ll see if you scale down the page the navigation actually disappears; you can’t see if anymore, so you can’t really navigate the site once in Mobile. Also, you can’t click this phone number to call them. It’s not a working clickable phone number. you have to remember it, leave their website, and type in your phone. If you’re looking at it from a phone or or manually so so we wanted to redo their logo and let’s look at what that looks like on the new newly designed website which has not launched yet so you’ll notice the URL up here is not gonna be the real URL; it’s a development site, but that’s what it looks like now. Big difference um this is their new logo. Um advantage Prosthetics and Orthotics new logo, the running man or woman with you know showing some motion behind nice big, bold letters um easy to see and really nice navigation here which becomes a Mobile button if you scale it down into the size of a Mobile screen and see it becomes a Mobile button And, let’s look at the home page. now what we wanted to do so. This is rob this is one of the physical therapists is also certified prosthetist and he’s working with an amputee named John who he recently recast. It because his leg change sizes so so that’s what that picture is that we made that into the hero image for the website and if we scroll down, we really wanted to showcase their team, their practitioners because after all this is what makes the site or the the the company. So special Is this amazing team of individuals that have that are highly skilled and trained in dealing with amputees’ issues and making their lives better so this is the home page. We have a GIF file here that you know quickly runs through a day that Rob had with one of the one of their patients, so it’s great showing the refitting if we scroll down you know, we have the difference sections of the home page I wanna show you something really cool if we go over to facebook and we let’s go to the team page when you paste a link in facebook. It gives you a preview image. So, let’s look at what we did here when you paste the link and look at it shows you the team Super cool, much better than just some random image or just a gigantic logo actually seeing human faces is a big thing and we do that by adding featured images and special images that are meant to show up when pages are posted on facebook and other social media channels so Really important if you’re posting on facebook, if you’re posting on linkedIn or other social media channels that feature images like that so yeah that’s the new website um there’s, a lot more to it and I’ll be happy to answer any questions about all of the things we do before launching a new website and what we do in order to create awesome websites like this. So if you have any questions feel free to reach out in the comments or give us a call or send an email whatever you wanna do. Have a good one everybody. thanks pippy