We Designed A New Logo For Our Company. Here’s How We Did It.

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m logo variations for color choosing

Julia Bender, our new Art Director, recently joined the team and so far she’s hit the ground running.

We have a lot of new website projects in the works, and in our spare time, we are giving our company a rebrand—with a new logo, and eventually a brand new website.

And Julia is spearheading the whole thing.

One of her first projects with us, logo design is its own monster. Not always do one’s initial ideas end up as part of the finished product. And there’s no better person to give a glimpse into that process than Julia.

Enter Julia:

When it came to designing the new Minyona logo, I was lucky enough to get to start from a blank slate. All I needed to be concerned with was our company’s name and how to incorporate either that or what Minyona does into the creation of the logo.

I ultimately decided to focus on the “M” in Minyona. From there, I looked for design inspiration and tried to see how others had creatively used the letter to make their own logos.

logo inspiration for new minyona logo


I then started to play around in Adobe Illustrator, using both sharp and rounded san-serif m’s just to see how they looked standing alone, without any color or creative design embellishments. I probably played around with about 15-20 variations.

playing around with logo ideas

From there, I began to lean towards a rounded, san-serifed “m” in lower-cased format. I constructed the “m” using only circles and rectangles, and cut out the shapes using Illustrator’s pathfinder function.

Color was the next step. I liked how others had used gradients in logos, so I tried about 9 different color combinations on the “m” that I had created.

m logo variations for color choosing

We ultimately decided on a blue/teal gradient because of how it worked on both light and dark backgrounds. I then layered on transparent circles in the top left of the logo in order to give it a little something extra to standout against the rest of the “m” logos out there.

I wouldn’t say it is a challenge to design a logo for light and dark backgrounds, but I would say that you have to consider what the logo will look like over-top various backgrounds, including light and dark solid backgrounds, as well as photos.

I will incorporate the new logo into the new website to help re-brand and guide the design direction of minyona.com. This includes color choices, typeface decisions, as well as other design elements.

So, that’s how Julia did it. “Simple.”