Video Marketing

We've created our own, exclusive style of online guerrilla video marketing that provides our clients with raw, honest, original video content that can be used on websites, landing pages, email, and social media to educate and engage.

The Value of Online Video Marketing

Historically, video advertisements have offered whatever reach and frequency a business’s budget could afford. For large companies this has traditionally translated into big budget, large scale productions to create impersonal and nebulous advertisements to target a specific yet limited audience based on air times.

While TV still currently dominates the advertising market, its power and reach is quickly dwindling due to the ever increasing move to online channels like social media. Companies are following suit by beginning to shift away from these stale and sterile traditional television advertisements to online video marketing campaigns and other digital content. 

Considering the goal of marketing in general, seeking the best solutions with the ability to reach the largest number of consumers without spending greater sums of money, traditional television advertisements no longer seem to be the best use of resources considering an online video marketing campaign can reach much larger audiences at a significantly lower production cost.

Today you don’t have to be a huge company to be able to afford a 30 second spot on your favorite channel at a prime time; you can have your own entire channel that is accessible anywhere, any time of day or night via the internet.

A truly successful online video marketing campaign can offer even more value than just larger audiences and lower production costs; they promote long lasting brand recognition, increase audience retention, boost purchase intent and most importantly foster engagement with consumers. Liking and sharing online is the modern equivalent of the word of mouth referral.

Online Video Marketing the Minyona Way

Our mini documentaries offer a completely unique way to draw in viewers and gain customers for our clients by showing without explicitly telling who they are and what their company is about. Providing this fly on the wall, slice of life style of content not only becomes a defacto platform to inform but really works to build human to human connections and to create narratives that are bigger than the brand.

The videos we produce for our clients purposefully live in the grey area that is the cross section between “authentic documentary” and “documentary style” marketing pieces. Authentic documentaries require an intensive process to suss out complex and in-depth storylines. When in-depth narratives present themselves we certainly document them accordingly, however we also believe that everyone has a story worth documenting and finding moments of value in otherwise mundane activities offers a fresh and valuable perspective.

Our formula is not about perfection, but rather an accurate reflection of reality. We aim to capture life’s little nuances, all the expressions and glances that would otherwise go unnoticed or that would traditionally never be associated with a corporate culture. We believe our clients and their customers can represent themselves on camera in an accurate, engaging, honest and dynamic way that is ultimately more appealing to audiences than stock footage, stock photos, models or actors.

What It's Like To Work With Us

We like to shoot with our clients at least twice a month, following a representative from their company for an entire day. We aim to schedule our shoot days when there is something actionable happening, such as a real estate agent showing a home or a plastic surgeon performing surgery. Seeing our subject doing something related to their business and hearing them explains the process themselves is invaluable to viewers; it gives them an idea of what really goes on behind the scenes.

We work with our clients on shoots, coming prepared to ask thoughtful questions to prompt interesting answers that will not only make great content but provide specific insight to them as individuals and their companies. For our less tech savvy or camera shy clients, we help train them to film themselves selfie style on their smartphones, producing even more content that we can incorporate into our videos and grow their confidence in front of the camera.

From each shoot we provide an array of deliverables including the mini documentary itself which we will incorporate into your custom online marketing strategy as well as an endless amount of spin off content that we can create from each shoot such as still photos enhanced with graphics, also known as “memes” to post on facebook, shortened clips to post on instagram or repurposed footage to create even more videos.