SEO Gets You on the First Page of Google Search

We can get you on the first page because we are masters of SEO. From onsite to offsite, our strategies are based around Google’s best practices, and our results are awesome!



“SEO” stands for “Search Engine Optimization,” meaning, the practice of optimizing a website to show up in search results, and then convincing other related websites to link back to the website. This is done through manual outreach to influencers. Do you have an e-commerce store? You’ll definitely want to read this blog post: How to Structure Your Online Store for eCommerce SEO

Map Results SEO

Showing up in map results, the local SEO portion of a search results page, is an awesome way to increase traffic from qualified leads. But doing so is no easy task. You have to make sure your name, address, and phone number (NAP) are perfect on 50+ local search directories. Luckily, we do that!

Manual Outreach

Despite what you hear from some SEO alarmists, link building is still the most effective way to improve SEO. The difference now is that it must be done honestly, which means there’s a lot more work involved. Good SEO and link building is essentially PR, which is exactly how we run our manual outreach program.

Content is King

Google is in the business of answering people’s questions, so a website that answers a lot of them has a much better chance of showing up in Google Search. A blog is an amazing way to publish content that answers important questions your potential clients are answering, and we run the whole thing, so there’s no extra work on your part!


We hate stepping on toes, which is why we make it a point to work really well with any existing companies that you are currently working with. If you already have a web designer, great! We can communicate with them and work together to get your website discovered online.

Data is Important

And we LOVE data. We believe you shouldn’t do anything you can’t track, which is why we make sure to track everything we do. You have access to all of your rankings whenever you want to see them, allowing you to know exactly where you stand. You even know how many leads you’ve obtained through our efforts. It’s super cool.

There are so many choices, so why pick Minyona to do your SEO?

  • 10+ years doing SEO

    While there are thousands of SEO companies out there, finding ones that have actual experience is surprisingly difficult. We have the experience, and the track record to prove it.

  • We are very selective

    We have a small team because we are selective. We are also selective with regards to the companies we work with. If we want to work with you, it’s because we can actually help.

  • We have amazing reviews

    Our clients have so many nice things to say about us, and we are happy to share with you everything they have to say. Just ask, or click around our website and you’ll see testimonials scattered throughout.

Let’s discuss your project!

“We now rank for thousands of search terms, and we’ve never been busier.”Neil Kumar, Baboo Digital

Our SEO Process is Straightforward, Easy to Understand, and REALLY Effective

We Look at Your Current Site

We come across websites that are a complete mess, and some that are absolutely awesome. Either way, there’s always SEO work to do. Sometimes we can make adjustments to the current site, and other times we do a complete rebuild. It’s fun and exciting regardless!

We Make Your Site Amazing

When we make improvements to a website for SEO purposes, the entire website becomes more user-friendly. That is the essence of SEO. As search engines become more advanced, they begin rewarding websites that are geared toward improved user experience for actual human beings.

We Convince Other Websites that it's Amazing

If you want to be considered cool in Google’s eyes, you have to be friends with the websites Google already thinks are cool. That’s is precisely why a link from a cool website to your website is so important. It’s essentially a vote in favor of the coolness of your website by a website that is already considered cool.

Some of Our SEO Work

Our client,, is now on the first page for these keywords, and probably more by the time you’re reading this…