Storm Damage Leads (Insurance Repair Leads) for Roofers

Stop buying junky leads and sharing expensive appointments. There's a better way. Keep reading...
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Is this you?

You specialize in storm damage repair because you know all the ins and outs of the insurance repair game...

How to speak to the homeowners and educate them about how it all works.

How to get them to trust you...

You know it's in their interest to work with you because you can get them the most money to fix their home.

You know what to say to the adjuster...

But there's a problem...

You are sick and tired of wondering where the leads are coming from, not getting enough of them, and nervous that word of mouth is going to dry up...

So you use those other companies that sell leads and appointments.

Everyone uses them...

But they have serious drawbacks...

Like the leads are pretty low-quality...

And you have to share the appointments with a few other contractors...

NOT ideal.

What if there was another way?

What if, instead of buying junky leads and shared appointments, you could create the leads yourself, on demand, with predictability?

That way, you'd be beholden to no one.

You'd have peace of mind knowing that you'd have new people every day who want to hire you.

You could reliably scale your business, growing it faster than ever before, because unlike before, you have something every scaling business needs:


Certainty that tomorrow will be fruitful, that leads will come in, that you'll have the systems in place to close them.

That's exactly what we offer.


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38 FRESH LEADS in 10 days... This roofer client of ours is KILLING it!

Work With Us


Here’s a screenshot of a few leads. We set up a system that text messages the roofer the second the lead comes in.

It also sends a welcome text to the potential customer, and an email introducing them to the roofing company. That way, when the roofer calls the homeowner, it’s a warmer conversation.

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