Roofers… If the marketing plan is complicated, it’s BAD. Simple is better.

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There are these roofing marketing systems out there that claim to have allllllll these strategies for how to grow your roofing business. How to post, what kind of content, how to go live on facebook, how to use hashtags, when to post, when not to post…

It’s ridiculous.

For a marketing system to be effective, it not only has to work, but it also has to be something that you can actually keep up with.

And this is true about a lot of things…

Take dieting for instance…

What’s the best way to lose weight?


There is no way to lose weight faster than by simply not eating.

The problem is that rarely can people do that for any length of time before their health suffers, or before they panic and eat an entire row or Oreo cookies.

So, what ACTUALLY works for losing weight is a plan for eating that is sound AND that you can maintain.

Same with marketing.

You are a roofer. If you have to spend tons of time shooting videos, going live, posting this, posting that, blah blah blah…

That is NOT sustainable. One day you’ll just say “screw it… I’m not going to do this stuff today…”

And then you’ll say the same thing the next day…

And the next day…

Until finally you’re back to where you started.

Plus, here’s the kicker… All this posting and going live and adding videos to your page…

Doesn’t even do much at all.

Why? Because Facebook needs to make money, and so in order to monetize their platform, they aren’t going to allow your business to get very much free exposure at all.

Instead, they will want you to put ad dollars behind any content that you want seen by more than like 87 people.

And that’s fine. Because when you do it right, the return is HUGE.

It shouldn’t be complicated.

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