Roofers, don’t letting the stupid $%&! stop you

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There are a million reasons roofing contractors aren’t making use of Facebook and other digital marketing platforms. 

And I have a theory…

Aside from not knowing how to set up the big things, like the ad campaigns, the automations, etc…

Even the little things—the things that seem silly and annoying—are sometimes confusing. 

And guess what…

It’s okay. 

Because it’s impossible to spend time clicking around endlessly just to figure it all out. 

There’s no time for that. 

Thankfully, there’s a much better solution:

Get someone on your side who you can get to answer literally all of your digital marketing questions when you have them. 

And make sure that person can also help you do the big things too, like setting up systems that generate high quality, exclusive leads for your roofing company. 

Take this video for instance…

This is a live Q&A call with one of my clients named Ben. 

He had just recently launched his first FB ads campaign using my system, but had some other questions, like this one, about his logo, and how to get it to fit inside the little circle Facebook makes you use for your Facebook business page’s profile photo. 

He felt silly asking, but it’s okay. I had to learn this stuff once too. 

And that’s the whole point… I’ve already learned it, so you can just ask me!


How much better would your roofing company be if this stuff just worked?