Responsive Web Design is the Industry Standard

Every business needs a beautiful, well designed website. However, if that website can’t be viewed properly on a mobile device or tablet you run the risk of losing potential clients. Thats where responsive website comes into play.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Websites are Perfect on Every Device

Back in the day, (ie pre-smartphones & tablets) having a website that looked good on a cell phone was a non-issue. Fast forward to 2016, more Google searches occur on mobile than on desktop. What this means for you is that if your site doesn’t look good on a smartphone or tablet, you will lose users. That means less sales for your business.

Google Prefers a Responsive Website

Google is advancing its algorithm very quickly, and its goal is to be indistinguishable from a human being. In other words, if a human can’t easily understand a particular web page or web site in general, the algorithm can’t either, resulting in penalties and lower rankings.

No Need for a Separate Mobile Site

If you have a responsive website, you eliminate the need for a separate mobile site. One site is easier to manage on a day to day basis. Also, without a separate mobile site, you don’t need separate SEO and Adwords campaigns.

Responsive Sites Have Lower Bounce Rates

A bounce rate is the number of people who visit on your website, but don’t click anywhere. When a site looks bad on your smartphone, those users tend to bounce. Google translates that into your site being irrelevant. In turn, that hurts your SEO.

Responsive Sites are Timeless

A responsive site is designed based on the size of the screen. It adapts based on screensize, not type of device. So, when new devices come out with different size screens, you won’t have to redesign your website. This will save you time and money in the future.

What is Responsive Web Design? [VIDEO]

Why use us to build your responsive website?

  • We practice what we preach

    Never trust a web design company who has a less than perfect website. We are approached by so many companies who say they decided to call us because, unlike so many other firms they’ve checked out, our website is the best.

  • Onsite SEO is included

    With most web design firms, they’ll charge you for a website, and they won’t optimize any of it unless you pay separately for onsite SEO. And frankly, even after you pay for it, few web design firms even understand onsite SEO anyway…

  • We can write all the copy

    We’ve noticed that companies who are thinking about building a new website put it off because they are worried it’s going to mean a lot of additional work on their end. That’s just not the case with us, because we take care of writing the copy, choosing perfect images, producing awesome videos, and so on. You have a business to run, and while we encourage you to get involved with the new website build, it’s not required.

Let’s discuss your project!

“My website used to be the kind of website that only looked decent on a laptop or desktop computer. On a mobile device, you had to zoom in just to read the text on the page. And as a company who fixes cell phones, that was basically ridiculous… Now, my website looks so sick on on all devices.”Casey Spigel, Owner of Forever Wireless

Responsive Web Design in 3 Simple Steps


In order to create a website that’s optimized for conversions, we need to do research to understand your practice areas & your clients’ expectations. We’ll research your competition so that we can position you to look more awesome than the rest of the pack


The next step involves sketching out, so to speak, the layouts for the various pages. No matter how many pages a website is, there are usually only 3-5 different page layouts. It’s important to get the layouts nailed down and make sure they look perfect on all devices.


Once you’ve approved the design layouts, we’ll begin developing the website using WordPress. That way, we can show you how the website functions on each type of device: Desktop, mobile phone, tablet.