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Did you know that mobile users account for over 50% of all web traffic?

If your website isn't awesome on a mobile device, it's essentially like sending potential business to your competitors.

According to Google, if someone lands on your mobile website and is frustrated or isn't able to find what they're looking for, there's over a 60% chance they'll leave and immediately go to another website.

Not good...

What if they have a positive experience? Well, then they are over 65% more likely to choose that product or service.

Very good!

Cohen | Harris

Custom Website Designed for a Law Firm

Martin Cohen and Roland Harris needed a website for their newly established law firm. Not only that, but they needed a look, logo, email, and the whole nine yards. So, we created everything for them! Read the story, here


Responsive Websites are easier to manage, look perfect on all devices, and rank higher in Google Search

Believe it or not, some people don't even have websites that show up nicely on mobile devices. And some have mobile websites, but they are entirely separate sites, meaning they have to manage two sites!

And most can barely manage one...

Responsive Web Design makes managing your website a breeze because not only do you only have one website to worry about, but that website is already optimized for all devices.

[sigh of relief]

And not only are they easier to manage and beautiful on laptops, phones, tablets, and large screens as well, but they even rank higher in Google Search.

And that's a really big deal.

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