Reputation Management – If Britney Spears Can Make a Comeback, So Can You

We have clients that had one star on Yelp, and no Google reviews whatsoever. Their business was suffering and they didn’t know what to do. But now they have strong online reputations with the stars to prove it. We can help you, too. Because face it, if Britney can make a comeback, so can you.

reputation management - get better yelp reviews

Yelp Ratings

Baboo Digital had horrible Yelp ratings. With only 1 star, they saw their business slipping. In six months, we brought them up to 4 stars!

Google Ratings

Baboo Digital also had only 2 stars on Google. We were able to bring them up to 4 stars really quickly. Google, unlike Yelp, doesn’t filter out positive reviews, so it’s a little bit easier to improve then Yelp.

The More the Better

Would you rather have 5 stars with only 2 reviews, or 4 stars with 50 reviews? The answer is simple: 50 reviews is better than 2, even if the star rating is less, so long as it’s at least 3.5. Baboo Digital has 46 Yelp reviews now!