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Although you spend time researching and writing quality content designed to create interest in your products, business, and/or services, it’s a futile endeavor without proper promotion. Generating online content without gaining website traffic, readers, sales leads and click-throughs becomes frustrating and discouraging. All that time designing infographics that present your content quickly, clearly, and simply, studying trends in your particular market to create pertinent blogs posts, and writing engaging eBooks pays off when you also take the time to create a viable and successful marketing campaign.

Power of Promotion

It may sound redundant, but the truth is that you need to create content that generates interest in your content marketing. Essentially, you need to build excitement about your online content by writing more content to steer people to your site and services. The good news is that your promotional content focuses on what you’ve created in a concise and focused manner. Once you gain a feel for what is valuable content and what is not, it becomes easier because you know where to concentrate your energy effectively. This type of research and trial and error helps your formulate a campaign that best suits your goals.

Coordinated Campaign

You can have the highest quality, most factual, well-researched content on your site, but it doesn’t matter if no one knows it’s there. Creating a promotional campaign for your content informs your prospective audience about what you have to offer. This means that even as you’re creating content, you need to simultaneously be thinking about and working on how you’re going to promote that content. With a coordinated promotional campaign, you stand to generate substantially more leads than without any sort of promotion.

Promotional Campaign Strategies

Take the time to research what has worked for similar brands and figure out how to make that approach unique to what you’re offering. Repeating the procedure that everyone else has used can create success, but just like in other marketing processes, having that extra edge gets you ahead of the game. The right strategies and tools effectively promote your content and generate the traffic, leads, and sales you desire.

When to Launch Content

It’s not necessary to create a promotional content campaign and launch it for every blog post written on your site. However, there are some key times when a launch serves your best interests as it generates interest and engagement. These times include:

  • New website
  • New page on the website such as a review page, testimonial page, or social media page
  • Blog post on trending topic
  • Downloadable eBook(s)
  • New section focusing on specific topic

Planning the Launch

Setting goals and specifics for your content launch help you stay focused on what’s more important during the marketing campaign. Specifics to remember:

  • Date and time of launch
  • Channels utilized to share content with worldwide audience
  • Target market
  • Call to action that generates user statistics
  • Size of desired audience reach

The Right Tools

Utilize the tools at your disposal to create a successful promotional campaign for your content. Social media is a highly effective way to reach a worldwide audience. The best way to promote your content simultaneously across several social media sites is through an aggregator like Hootsuite. Also, if you don’t already have a LinkedIn profile, create one, as the social media platform is gaining popularity and power when it comes to promoting online content and services. When you post on LinkedIn, makes sure you’re also posting in any Groups you belong to so you reach the largest audience of connections. Other tools include:

  • Including a link in email signatures
  • Arrange a radio interview
  • Issue a press release
  • Print posters, flyers, and/or billboards
  • Pay-per-click ads such as Twitter’s Sponsored Tweets, Google AdWords, or Facebook Promoted Posts

Proven Methods

A successful launch depends on creating excitement so people take notice of what you’re offering. Following a successful launch, it’s vital that you deliver on the promises you made during the marketing campaign. Achieve this through creating high-quality content that employs proven SEO methods, branding, and sharing practices. Also make sure the content is an appropriate length and appeals to your target audience. Most importantly, have analytical tools that follow and gauge user activity so you know exactly how successful your promotion was.

Worthwhile Work

Despite how much work it takes to promote content effectively, the benefits gained from a successful campaign are worthwhile and lasting. Along with increased traffic, you gain greater visibility and a positive and recognizable reputation. Treat every content promotion campaign as your opportunity to make a first and lasting impression on your desired audience and to maintain current interest.

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