Pay Per Click (PPC)

Get on the first page of Google TODAY

"I want to be on the first page of Google."

If being on the first page of Google is your goal, there's no faster way to do it than by setting up PPC ads on Google.

Once they are set up and turned on, your business will show up when people search Google using the keywords you decide to bid on.

Here's the thing though...

The cost per click varies widely based on competition.

For instance, if you're a personal injury attorney, it's usually about $80 PER CLICK. That doesn't mean PPC is a bad strategy; it just means you need about $800 per day to get in the game (we don't set up campaigns that can't get about 10 clicks per day).

Now, if you know anything about SEO, you might know that unlike PPC ads, organic listings don't cost any money when someone clicks on them. So, you may think SEO is a better option.

But the thing is that if PPC is insanely expensive, it means there's a ton of competition, and that also means there's a ton of competition to rank organically as well.

So, it may just be that your industry is highly competitive as a whole.

But not to worry... There's always SOMETHING that can be done. What's important is that you know your options and your expectations are realistic.

PPC ads are REALLY effective when used properly. Check out this case study to learn a bit about what's possible.

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