#15 – How To Slip A Tracking Device On Your Website Visitors, Then Show Them An Ad On Facebook

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Scrappy Wins
Scrappy Wins
#15 - How To Slip A Tracking Device On Your Website Visitors, Then Show Them An Ad On Facebook

Have you ever visited a website, then got on Facebook and saw an ad for that website? Freaky, right? It’s actually really easy to do, and super powerful, especially for small businesses. That’s what I talk about in this episode of Scrappy Wins.

Instructions on how to create a Facebook Pixel in Facebook Business Manager

WordPress Plugins for adding Facebook Pixel to your site:


Pixel Caffeine

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Hey everybody, this is Michael Mignona, and you are listening to Scrappy Wins. Today, I’m gonna be talking about the Facebook pixel.

Have you ever wondered how you go to a website, and then you go to Facebook later that day or the next day, and there’s an ad for that company whose website you were on. You ever wondered how they do that? Well, I’m gonna tell you how they do it, and I’m gonna tell you how you can use it for your small business. Let’s do it.


So, the big question is this: How are small business owners like us who don’t have huge digital marketing teams, who don’t have web developers and designers, who neither have unlimited funds nor unlimited time. How can we get the digital marketing stuff done and the exposure we need to build our businesses while remaining profitable?

That’s the question. And in this podcast, I’ll give you the answers. My name is Michael Mignona, and welcome to Scrappy Wins.


Imagine you go to a website, you’re wondering if maybe you should get Blue Apron meal service or something. You go to their website and you’re clicking around, you’re looking at different meals and different options, and you’re thinking, “You know, I think I might want to use Blue Apron and have meals delivered to my house and blah, blah, blah. But I’m not sure.” So you’re doing some research. Maybe you go to other websites and companies that offer a similar product and service, one or two of Blue Apron’s competitors, and then you read a couple websites about who’s better and blah, blah, blah.

And then, you go to sleep. And you wake up the next day and you’re scrolling through Facebook while you’re having your coffee, and right there in your news feed as you’re scrolling is an ad for Blue Apron. There they are. You were just on their website the other night, the night before. And there they are in your newsfeed.

How cool is that? Some people think it’s terrifying, and I guess if you don’t give it much thought, it can be a little bit strange to know that a website can know where you are and what you’re doing, but it’s really not that big a deal. It’s actually not even that complicated, but it’s very powerful because Blue Apron knows that you are looking at not only them, but their competitors. And so if they can touch you again and not just hope and pray that you’ll return to their website, they might be able to hook you and get you on their team before you decide to go with one of their competitors.

And they can make the offer too good to refuse, frankly. They could offer you a 20% discount on your first $100 order, or free shipping. Or maybe they could even just get you to click “Yes” or visit their website again and sign up by showing you a video of how happy their customers are, and maybe some video testimonials or maybe they show you some beautiful video of the actual food you can get and they really make it clear that their quality is better. Whatever the case may be, they’re able to touch you again on Facebook while you’ve got that in your head, while you’re shopping, while you’re researching, while you’re thinking about who you want to go with.

You know, you’re saying to yourself, “Well, yeah, it’s Blue Apron. It’s a big company. They’ve got millions of dollars. Of course they could follow me around and they can find me on Facebook and show me this sponsored ad content. But how am I gonna do that? I mean, I’m just a single person law firm.” Or, “I’m just a small dental operation,” or maybe you’re a general contractor or an HVAC company or something, mom and pop family-owned … You’re getting by day to day, hustling for business and working your ass off and how are you gonna manage to follow people around Facebook?

Well, the fact is, it’s really not that difficult at all. All you need to do is install on your website, on every single page on your website, the Facebook pixel. And you’re probably now saying, “Well, thanks, but I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.” And of course you don’t. I didn’t, either, at one point, but now I do and I’m gonna try to explain it to you in pretty simple terms.

Essentially, what the Facebook pixel is is it’s a tracking device. And you put it into the code of your website. And I’m gonna explain how to do this, but first I’ll explain what it does. What happens is when someone lands on your website and the page loads, that tracking device is effectively or essentially slipped into the pocket of that person visiting your website. And it goes with them, even after they leave your website. Not only that, but it knows every page that that visitor goes to on your website for the entire time they’re clicking around.

If you’re a law firm, maybe they hit the home page of your website, and then maybe they go right to the DUI page. Now, if they go to the DUI page, wouldn’t you like to know that and then maybe show them an ad on Facebook an hour later when they go on Facebook for three of the reasons that they should call you if they need help or a lawyer to handle their DUI case, or something like that? Wouldn’t that be powerful?

Well, it is. It’s actually one of the most cost-effective ways to get more leads because re-targeting that warm traffic is pretty low-hanging fruit. They’re already highly interested and warmed up. They just didn’t make a phone call or submit a form because who knows? Maybe the phone rang and maybe their baby was crying or maybe the pizza guy showed up, or maybe they just decided they didn’t feel like doing it right now.

So how do you install the Facebook pixel? I’m not gonna say it’s easy, but it’s also not too difficult. If you have a WordPress website, there are plugins that you can use and that you can install all by yourself, as long as you have a WordPress website, and so long as your web developer has given you full admin access to your site, and you can just install a plugin like Pixel My Site or Ad Espresso plug in or there are a number of them. You can even use Google Tag Manager, which I highly recommend.

Now, you don’t know how to do any of that stuff, maybe. But, your web developer does, so you can reach out to him or her and ask them to install the Facebook pixel on every single page of your website, and if you do it on your WordPress website, you don’t have to do it on every page; it automatically does it on every page.

I would definitely get that done. You can Google how to install a Facebook pixel. Facebook has some great documentation to accomplish that. And if you can’t do it yourself … And there’s a good chance you won’t be able to, not only because you have to know at least a little bit about WordPress or about your website or about some coding type stuff a little bit … But you also just might not have the time, and you might not care to learn about it, and that’s completely fine. Find someone that does know how to do it and ask them to do it. And you can even ask me to do it. So feel free to reach out to me via email. You can email me at Michael@Minyona.com, so that’s Michael at M-I-N-Y-O-N-A.com. You can submit a form on my website, Minyona.com. Again, spelled M-I-N-Y-O-N-A.com. And I’ll be happy to do it for you. We can get on a call, I could walk you through it or you could give me your login credentials to your WordPress website or to whatever kind of website you’re using … If it’s Shopify or Joomla or Droople or whatever the heck it is.

Or if you are unsure what to ask your web developer for whatever reason, even though all you’re doing is saying, “Hey man, can you put the Facebook pixel on every page of my website? I want to make sure that’s there.” That’s really all you have to ask. I can help with that as well, with communicating with your web developer.

So, feel free to reach out to me. Anyway, Facebook pixel’s amazing. What can you do with it? I touched on it a little bit earlier in this ridiculously unorganized podcast, but for instance, what you can do is you can, like I said, know who’s been to your website and then you can show them content on Facebook by running ads.

Let me just give you an example. Let’s say 300 people find your law website per month. Okay? That’s a pretty small number. For a brand new law website, that’s actually a pretty decent amount. If you’ve just launched your lawyer website, chances are a lot of people aren’t finding you, and the ones that are are probably looking for you on purpose. So they’re looking for your phone number or something like that.

But let’s say you have 300 people who find your website per month. You could probably spend a dollar or two a day reaching those people by retargeting them on Facebook, meaning they do to your website, and then they go to Facebook whenever after that, and they now can see an ad for your law firm that either gets them back to your website and encourages them to call. Or it is just some content, maybe its’ video content that you might help them with whatever it is they were looking at on your website, and then you can show them additional ad content based on how they interacted with that video.

You can show people ads who … You could say, “Anyone that watched 75% of my video and who visited my website, I want them to see this particular add for whatever I’m doing. That’s pretty amazing stuff, and it’s not … it doesn’t cost a lot. You can do that for $2 a day, $60 a month you can be one of those companies that follows people around Facebook. And your competitors will … you know, they check out your website because they’re spying on you a little bit. And then they’ll go to Facebook and they’ll see your ad, and they’ll be like, “How the heck did they do that?” That’s awesome.

So, it’s super-powerful, really easy to do, it’s scrappy, which is the whole point of this podcast. It’s like what are the little things you can do right now that can move you in the right direction, get you a little bit closer to really killing it online? And this is definitely one of them, the Facebook pixel.

So, install that. If you need help, like I said, reach out to me. Good luck. Start today because if you wait until you’re ready and you wait until it’s perfect, it’ll never happen because you’ll never be ready, it’ll never be perfect.

So get scrappy. See you later.