Marketing Your Plastic Surgery Practice on the Internet is a Science and an Art

Not only do the marketing strategies have to be well-researched and highly valuable to readers, but it all has to be HIPPA compliant.

With us, that’s EXACTLY what you get.

Amazing Plastic Surgery Marketing Starts with a State-of-the-Art Website

Before you try to figure out why your website isn’t showing up in search results for the keywords you’re trying to rank for, there’s something you need to know: it starts with an amazing website, built with responsive technology, original, compelling content, and smart meta data.

A responsive website is a website that automatically resizes to fit any screen it’s on. It looks perfect on a full-size computer screen, a laptop, tablet, and phone. And that’s really important, because more and more people are using their mobile devices to search the web.

Your Website Needs Awesome Content and the Right Meta Data

Original, compelling content is content that doesn’t exist on any other website on the entire internet. We use special software that searches the internet for duplicate content, and we make sure all the content we write for our clients is 100% unique. It’s important, because Google won’t index the same content twice. For example, if you found some content about facelifts on another website and copied and pasted it to a page on your website, that page would be invisible to Google. Why would it want to show two pages with the same content to people looking for answers on the web? It wouldn’t, which is why we don’t ever do it.

Smart meta data is meta data that Google can read and understand. Since Google indexes websites with the use of a very complicated computer algorithm (a robot), it’s unable to make decisions like a human. It, therefore, has to rely on the clarity of the website as its built. Without the proper meta data (the code added to the backend of the website), it won’t know what it’s looking at, and in turn won’t save your website to it’s index.

Real SEO Marketing for Plastic Surgery Practices Means Doing Advanced Keyword Research

Before you can determine whether you’re ranking well online or not, it helps to know what people are actually typing in as search queries. For example, it’s likely that there are a bunch of search terms that you currently rank for that barely get any searches per month. Conversely, it’s also likely that there are hundreds of search terms that get a bunch of searches per month that you aren’t on the first page for. The magic happens when you get insight into what exactly those search terms are, and that’s exactly what we do.

Did you know it’s even possible to find out what every plastic surgeon in your service area is ranking for? That’s a really powerful tactic—to be able to find out what the strongest plastic surgery website in the area is ranking for and then create a campaign to beat them!

It Also Means Getting Content Published on Websites that are Already Credible in Google’s Eyes

Imagine a time when you were in school and you cared about being popular. One of the best ways to be popular was to associate with people that were already popular, getting some of their popularity to rub off, in a sense. The same is true with websites. In order for Google (and other search engines) to view your website as a popular website worth showing people in search results, other, more popular websites have to hang out with it (link to it). In school, you might have had to do something to gain the attention of the popular kids, like being funny, or being tough. On the internet, it’s similar in the sense that you have to convince the cool guys and gals to associate with you, but unlike being a kid in school, it really is all dependent on how GOOD you are. In order to get a website to link to you, you have to provide value, in the form of well-written, unique content that they will agree to publish on their website. They are benefitting from a new article published on their website, and you benefit from their website linking back to your website, effectively voting for the coolness of your website!

Your own online dashboard where you can track EVERYTHING

How cool would it be to be able to log in to your own dashboard and track all the keywords we are ranking you for? To watch your website climb up the first page. To see how many phone calls you’ve received as a result of the plastic surgery marketing we are doing for you?

It is pretty cool, and that’s exactly what we do!


How Our Pricing Works

We have a range of SEO packages that are all custom-tailored to fit the needs of your plastic surgery business. We determine the best plan based on a number of factors: your website, your competition, and your budget.

We only work with plastic surgeons that we know we can help. 

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