How Neal Brings in 24k per Week in Profit for His Roofing Business

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Neal is a roofing contractor in Tampa, Florida who used to rely on his guys canvasing for leads.

Now that that isn’t possible, he does digital door knocking with our proprietary roofing lead system.

In this video, Neal talks about the system in detail, what his plans are for the future, and even shares some of his methods for closing more deals.

This is a really important video to watch because Neal’s mindset is EXACTLY what is necessary for success not only in the roofing business, but in life in general:

He’s a good person who honestly wants to help people.

The secret is to actually do good work.

THAT is how you get clients and ultimately win.

To learn what that means, watch the video, and then watch it again.

Want something like this for your business?