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What are the components of a perfectly-built law firm website?

There are many components of a law firm website that is elegantly designed and simple to use. But there are some aspects of a perfectly-built law firm website that are must-haves. Let’s begin talking about what those components are.

Good Written Content

The web is made up of a bunch of content. That’s all it really is when it comes down to it. Individuals looking for content to consume—whether it be answers to questions or cat videos for entertainment—are looking for exactly that: Content they consider valuable. Therefore, law firm websites (and all websites, for that matter) must contain content that is valuable in some way or another. In the context of a law firm website, that usually means written content that communicates to prospective clients the information they want to know as it relates to the legal issues they’re facing.

Mobile Friendly Design

mobile law firm websiteThere was a time when one could get away with having a website that was only viewable on a desktop or laptop computer. That time has passed. Now, if your website doesn’t provide for an enjoyable experience to those viewing it on mobile devices, they’re liable to leave your website in order to find the answers to their questions on another website whose information is easier to consume. Think about your clients for a moment and ask yourself whether you imagine them using a computer or a cell phone. If you’re a criminal defense attorney in Baltimore City, for example, chances are that most of your clients only have a cell phone, and rarely—if ever—browse the internet on a desktop or laptop computer.

Simple to Contact

When we launched the website,, for The Law Firm of Andy Jaskulsky, she called us to ask us, in jest, if we could take her website down because her phone was ringing off the hook. Why was that happening?

Responsive Website For Lawyers

Clicking the phone number allows you to make a call really easily!

In large part, the increase in phone calls were the result of it being super simple to find Mrs. Jaskulsky’s phone number. It’s at the top of every single page of the website. Additionally, when one wants to call, if he’s using her website on his cell phone, all he has to do is tap the phone number and it automatically dials Mrs. Jaskulsky’s office.

If, instead, one prefers to reach out without talking on the phone, he can fill out the form and his contact information and message will arrive in Mrs. Jaskulsky’s inbox, allowing her to reach out in response at her convenience.

In many ways, having a law firm website that is optimized for mobile devices is like having a mobile app for your law firm.