Inbound Marketing is the Piece of the Puzzle that Most Companies are Missing

And in terms of differentiating you from your competitors, there’s nothing like it. There’s a whole market segment who is in the early stages of the buying process—they are just now doing the research necessary to determine who to buy from, but they aren’t quite ready to make a purchase. Inbound marketing gives them a reason to reach out to you, and we explain how, so keep reading.

Inbound Marketing

What is Inbound Marketing?

Imagine someone has just decided to consider getting a nose job (rhinoplasty). What is the first thing many people do? They do research. And this day and age that most likely means they do a Google search. Then, they click open a bunch of tabs from the first page results Google spits out, and they look at each website.

Now, imagine you own a business that does rhinoplasty. If you’re doing Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, or both, you might be one of the websites they end up looking at, which is great, but there’s a problem… The only action they can take on your website is to contact you, either by filling out a form or by calling, and scheduling a consultation. And the fact of the matter is, they are way too early in the buying process for that. Instead, they are looking to learn more about rhinoplasty to see if it’s even something they want.

Imagine walking up to a person on the street you find attractive, and the first thing you say is, “Will you marry me?” They’ll probably look at you like you have two heads. Of course they won’t marry you on the spot. They need to learn more about you, date you a bit, get to know you. Instead of asking them to marry you, you might be better off making them a trade. “Hey. You dropped your keys. Here they are. Oh, and can I have your number so I can text you sometime?”

That’s exactly what inbound marketing is. It’s a trade: Value for value. So, while someone who looks at the page on your website about rhinoplasty might not be ready to schedule a consultation, they most likely will be willing to give you their email address in exchange for a free e-book that goes into detail about all the things they want to know about rhinoplasty. Then, once they download that piece of content, you are able to send them even more helpful, valuable information about the things they’re interested in based on what they downloaded.

There’s a good chance that out of all the websites they looked at, you are the only one who is able to educate them about the products or services they’re interested in. You’re the only one who is now in contact with them on a regular basis, sending them awesome content for free. Not only do you remain top of mind, but you are developing a relationship with them. They end up considering you an authority on the subject matter, and when they are finally ready to schedule a consultation, who are they going to choose? YOU.

It begins with the content offer

If you want someone’s contact information so you can nurture them, you have to make them an offer they can’t refuse. A free download of a white paper (short e-book), for example, that answers their most pressing questions is an awesome piece of value that most will trade their name and email address for.

Then, it takes beautifully-designed landing pages

One of the most overlooked aspects of marketing is landing page design. Landing pages are the pages people land on when they click a link. If your goal is to have a visitor download a piece of content in exchange for their email address and name, there are design steps that can make the likelihood of that happening much, much higher.

Easy-to-use forms are a must

Have you ever tried to fill out a form on a website that was buggy and clunky, and barely worked on your cellphone? If you get someone to begin filling out a form to download a piece of content, for the love of all that’s sacred, don’t give them a terrible user experience. Additionally, those forms should be synced with email marketing software that you can use to nurture your new leads. Keep reading…

Oh hey. Wanna know about that email marketing software?

Once an individual downloads your content offer, they are opted into a series of emails that nurture them over time. There are a million options out there for email marketing software, but we LOVE MailChimp. Its user interface is easy to use, beautiful, and super secure. With it we are able to create elegant workflows, and… wait… this means very little to you, most likely. Let’s just say this: Inbound Marketing software can be expensive. We’ve come up with a way to make the entire process easier on ourselves so that we can offer inbound marketing services for much less than most inbound marketing companies.

We help you say “Thank You.” You’re welcome!

When someone voluntarily fills out a form so they can download your piece of awesome content, it’s probably a good idea to thank them for doing so. A proper “thank you” in the digital world happens on your website, via a “thank you” page that is beautifully designed. But it doesn’t end there. Why say “thank you” and have that be it? Why not give them even more awesome content? Direct them to helpful blog posts related to their download, remind them that you are available to answer their questions if they have any, and that they can email you. It’s up to you, but the point is, always have a call to action.

About those blog posts we mentioned….

It’s very rare that there aren’t literally thousands of keywords a business would benefit from ranking for, and that’s why a blog is so important. With the right keyword research, you can identify so many keywords that people use to search for things they’re curious about, and that’s how you should determine what to write about on your blog. A good inbound marketing company (us, for example) does all that research, creates amazing blog content, and posts it for you. The blog content is used, not only to get you to rank for more keywords, but also as amazing content for those nurturing emails.

Why use Minyona?

  • Clarity

    Inbound marketing is about educating, and that takes ruthless clarity.

  • Entertainment

    Our CEO is a former stand up comedian, and loves communicating ideas in an entertaining way.

  • Results

    We don’t do anything we can’t track. The goal is to have an awesome ROI for our clients, so basically everything revolves around those efforts.

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