How to Run a HORRIBLE Google AdWords Campaign

Michael MignognaMarketing1 Comment

One of the things we do here at MINYONA is help companies properly advertise with Google, and lately, we’ve been running into small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) that have been wasting thousands of dollars a month having shady companies run their campaigns.

Here are 4 things we noticed right off the bat with one of the SMBs we’ve been working for when we audited their AdWords campaign as run by Shady Company:

No Disclosure Regarding Commission

One of the first things we did was ask Shady Company how much of the monthly budget they were using to fund the campaign for the SMB.

They said “Who cares?! All that matters are results!!”

That was literally their response.

Um… WHAT?!

The Keyword List Was MILES LONG

We asked for a list of the keywords Shady Company was bidding on for the SMB, and they immediately got defensive, as though we didn’t have a right to look at it.

They actually didn’t want to show the SMB they were running the campaign for what words they were spending their money on for the Google Ads!!


Now, I know what you may be thinking… “Maybe the keyword list was long because they were trying to gather as much information as they could so they could optimize the list, removing keywords that weren’t performing well and adding the necessary negative keywords to increase relevancy.”

That’s very sweet of you to give Shady Company the benefit of the doubt, but yeah… not so much…

See, they’d been running the campaign for the SMB for YEARS, and they never optimized the keywords. At ALL.

99% of the Keyword List was comprised of Broad Match Keywords

Now, I know what may be thinking… “Maybe they used broad match keywords because they were trying to gather as much information as they could so they could optimize the list, adding broad match modifier keywords, phrase match keywords, exact match keywords, etc.”

Again, very noble of you to think they have a plan to optimize the SMB’s campaign and this is all part of it, but again… not so much.

As stated before, Shady Company has been running the AdWords campaign for the SMB for YEARS, and they haven’t optimized the keyword list at all.

All they’ve done is add more and more broad match keywords.

“But if the goal is simply increased traffic to the website, broad match keywords are great for that.”

Agreed! But alas… that’s not the point of the AdWords campaign for this particular SMB. This SMB sells certain products. If people who aren’t actually interested in buying what the SMB is selling are clicking their ads, it’s a complete waste of money for the SMB, period.

Da da da daaaaaa SHADINESS.

The Google Ads don’t Send the User to the Page of the Website that Pertains to the Thing They Were Searching for (why does that sentence seem so cumbersome?!)

So, what does that even mean? It means that if someone is looking to buy window treatments and they search buy window treatments, the ad they click on with the title “Buy Window Treatments” should take him or her to the page of the website that has the information about window treatments. [!!!!!!]


Instead, Shady Company was only linking to the homepage of the website of the SMB, and the SMB sells not only window treatments, but bedding, wallpaper, fabric, custom furniture, and more!

Apparently, Shady Company didn’t read the materials Google makes readily available for those that want to learn how to create AdWords campaigns.

Knock Knock. Who’s there? A company who wants to run your AdWords campaign and not tell you how much commission we’re taking, never manage your keyword list, and not follow the basic best practices Google makes clear in their free materials one can readily find online.

If you have any guesses as to who Shady Company really is, leave your guess in the comments.