How I Can Help Your Small Business (roofers, HVAC, fence contractors, power washing companies, and MORE)

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Small businesses need one thing in particular to ratchet up to the next level:

Lead generating systems

All too often, small businesses rely on word of mouth alone to generate new business.

And while that is a fantastic thing to have working for you, the fear that that will dry up is daunting.

What if people stop recommending your services?

Instead of hoping and praying that your customers recommend your services, there are systems that you can put in place that actually ensure you obtain new, qualified leads all the time.

Imagine waking up in the morning and seeing new leads in your inbox.

Our roofing clients, for instance, know this feeling.

Imagine more foot traffic in your local store. 

Our local retail store clients know this feeling.

How do we make this happen? Isn't it expensive? Are there tricks?

First of all, there are zero magic tricks involved, and we don't know any secrets...

Because there aren't any.

What we do know is EXACTLY what works...

The only thing that works:

A solid offer coupled with a strategy to get it in front of your perfect customers. 

So, here's where things get really interesting...

Let me share with you some examples of how we get your offers and your business in front of your perfect customers:

First, we add to your website a tracking device, so when someone visits your website, we can slip it into their pocket, so to speak, and follow them around the internet.

Then, whenever they use Facebook, Instagram, or any websites, they see your ads and offers.

That's some low hanging fruit that can generate leads immediately.

Now, in terms of effectively replicating your perfect customers, check this out...

Facebook has a way for us to upload your current customers, then target people who Facebook knows has the same exact buying patterns and other interests in common.

It's like cloning your customers, then showing ads to them.


It's called lookalike audiences, and we use them heavily, because it's the most efficient way to make sure you aren't wasting your money showing your ads to people who will never buy your services.

Coupled with something called interest targeting, we can actually put your business, services, product, etc., in front of people looking to buy RIGHT NOW.

How much does this stuff cost?

The coolest thing about digital marketing is that it costs WAY less than other advertising.

Instead of having to firebomb a whole area blindly, you can surgically target the exact people who are perfect for your business.

There's way less waste.

Usually, businesses can get started without spending thousands of dollars.

Plus, because tracking is set up perfectly, you'll know exactly how much money you make versus how much you spend.

In other words, you'll know, down to the dollar, how much it costs to get a person to take a specific action, like becoming a lead, getting directions to your store, calling your office, etc.

Get in touch for special pricing. PLUS... You'll get access to my reputation management software that helps businesses get hundreds of real 5 star Google and Yelp reviews for $150 $47 per month!

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Minyona Digital Marketing is hands down the BEST digital marketing company I have ever worked with. I have used several forms of advertising over the years including SEO, Television ads, Google Adwords, and social media posts on FB and Instagram. The previous vendors I worked with could not show me the work they were doing actually converted to real leads.

This is the 1st time in 14 years of business that I have worked with a vendor that very quickly delivered on what he promised and at the same time was able to track that the leads were the result of his work. This blew my mind and of course made me frustrated that I hadn't started using Minyona earlier. Knowing that your advertising dollars of working for you is huge, and Michael has the secret sauce to make it happen, and I have already given his name to several colleagues and friends how could benefit from his services.

Michael is extremely knowledgeable on the functionality of Google and Facebook and he has implemented his experience and strategies to maximize my marketing campaigns. Within 24 hours of turning on my campaigns the email requests and phone calls started.

Michael is very direct and gives realistic expectations. He is very easy to work with and always gives me the time I need to answer all of my questions so I understand how the processes work. He stays on top of projects and I never have to call him to see why things aren't happening as promised as he always delivers and hits his deadlines.

If you are looking for a great company with a personal touch look no further than Minyona Digital Marketing.

Dr. Stewart, Timonium Foot and Ankle Center

I retained Michael Mignogna and the team at Minyona to assist my new law firm with SEO and improving our online presence. He came highly recommended and I didn't have much experience with SEO so I took a big leap of faith and brought his team on board.

In only a few months, I've seen remarkable results. Not only did they analyze and revamp my website to ensure it's optimized for search engines, but they have generated consistent, quality original content for my blog. I've also seen my firm move up the Google search rankings significantly. We are now on the FIRST page of Google searches for various practice areas -- when only a few months ago we were barely ranking at all.

Working with Minyona was the best decision I've made since establishing my practice. It's led to quality cases and a steady flow of incoming work. And the best part is that this is the result of organic, original content and growth across the search engines (as opposed to "pay per click" ads). They are also always responsive and available if unexpected issues arise. Top notch customer service.

Couldn't be happier with this company -- highly recommend!

Evan Elan, Elan Law Firm

My roofing business was relying solely on word of mouth, and occasionally we bought ad space in local magazines and things like that...

We needed to make a change, because we had too many months where business dried up, and we couldn't tell if any of our advertising was actually working.

We hired Michael and he came up with a strategy that involved using Facebook and Google advertising to generate leads.

We were used to buying our leads, but now we were generating them ourselves, for both storm damage and retail roofing!

Best thing we ever did.

Jeff Weissberg, Crown Remodeling

We have a design showroom, and we provide services to people looking to create custom, upholstered furniture, window treatments, and more. We need leads every day or we go out of business.

Prior to hiring Michael Mignogna, we spent money on Google Ads to little avail.

When Michael audited our account, he found huge issues, and when he fixed those issues, we began generating leads for less and less money month over month.

Plus, he convinced us to try Facebook and Instagram ads, and they are amazing. Now, People see our videos and content, and call us to create custom furniture for them.

Hire Minyona. Your business depends on it.

Garry Greenberg, Beckenstein Fabrics