Get Google Reviews For Your Business – A Step By Step Guide

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Get Google Reviews - A Step By Step Guide

Did you know that 52% of consumers say that positive reviews make them more likely to purchase a product or service, and only 28% of consumers say that they base their decision on location or price. So, for those of you whose products and services are not the cheapest in your industry, you can rest easy (if your product or service is actually good, and if you have the reviews to back it up).

People Trust Reviews

So, you need more Google reviews

But does Google want you to ask your clients for reviews?

The answer is YES.

get google reviews

Here’s an awesome, step by step guide to get Google reviews from happy clients:

  1. Identify a client of yours that you think is happy with your product or service
  2. Use the Google Places API to create a unique link to your business’s Google Reviews form:
    1. Enter your business name and let it auto populate. When you see your business in the list, click it.
    2. Copy the Place ID
    3. Add your Place ID to the following URL (after the = sign, replace place_id with the Place ID you copied) to create your link:
  3. Shorten the URL by using
  4. Save that link in a safe place for use anytime you want to ask a client for a review on Google.

Here’s what it looks like when you click the link:

Get Google Reviews

Here’s the exact email I use to ask my clients for a Google review:


Working with you has been an absolute pleasure and I look forward to a long, happy business relationship.

I would love a review from you on Google:

[insert your unique link that you created above]

Thanks so much in advance.


I usually send this email after they’ve shown delight at the work we’ve done. When they are happy, they are more likely to have a sense of urgency.

If you want to get Google reviews, the bottom line is this:

You can ask for reviews, use special links to make it easy for the client to leave a review, etc., but the first thing you have to get straight is your product or service. It has to actually be good. Then, the reviews kind of write themselves.

Make Giving Google Reviews Easy

Read the reviews our clients have left for us on our website.