Get Discovered in Local Search: 11 SEO Tips

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With more and more people turning to search engines to find the products and services they need, it’s becoming increasingly important to make sure that your business shows up in local search results. If you’re trying to put your business on the search engine map, here are 11 SEO tips to help improve your online visibility, so that the next time someone searches for what you have to offer, you’ll be there at the top.

#1: Don’t Use Online Advertisements Alone

While online advertising has fantastic benefits, try not to rely on using it alone. If you’re targeting clients from your local area, one of the best things you can do is combine SEO strategies with traditional advertisements. Local flyers, magazines, and bulletin boards all help make your name more recognizable, and when your prospective clients search online, they’re more likely to choose a name that they’re familiar with. Take as many opportunities as you can to get your name out into the local community.

#2: Know and Utilize Location Keywords

It’s called Geo-Targeting, and you’ll get a significant boost in web traffic by including the name of your city or area in as many titles and tags as you comfortably can. When you’re trying to get search engines to remember your location, geo-targeted keywords are essential for success, so you’ll want to work the name of your city into your web content. If you live in a city that’s part of a major metropolitan area, it can help to occasionally add in the name of the main city as well.

#3: Add Location-Detailed Pages to Your Website

The more you can mention your location and the more details you add to your website, the better. This is where detailed “About” and “Contact” pages can become a major asset, because along with helpful information like business hours and contact information, you can add a lot of location details, from your business address to directions and maps to help prospective clients (and search engines) find you.

#4: Create Separate Landing Pages for Separate Locations

If your business has more than one location, you should create a separate landing page for each one. This ensures that none of your locations are left out and allows you to use more precise keywords.

#5: HTML Tag Your Location

Bracketing your business address with an HTML address tag can help support your location with searches. It’s a simple addition, [address] [/address], and each one improves your geo-targeted search ratings.

#6: Exchange Links with Other Local Businesses

Network with a few other local businesses and support each other by exchanging links in your web content, just make sure you tie in links in a way that makes sense. Every time you get another link posted that leads to your website counts in your favor and networking with local businesses helps to further establish your location.

#7: Get Google (and Other Search Engines) on Your Team

Create accounts with services like Google Places, Bing Local, and Yahoo Local to help make sure you show up in local search results. Fill in as much information as possible, and include a few of your most important keywords, even photos or videos, to improve your online visibility.

#8: Get More Involved with Social Media

Social media is simply networking online, and it gives you the chance to get your name out into the community, provide information and details about your business, build up your brand, and communicate with both current and prospective clients.

#9: Make Sure You’re Listed

The more directories you’re listed in, the more likely you are to show up in searches. Plus there’s an added benefit in creating listings with sites like Yelp and your local Better Business Bureau- they’ll help establish your reputation as a legitimate business.

#10: Start Bringing in the Ratings

Ask for feedback and ratings from your clients, and consider creating promotions to encourage more feedback and ratings. When a prospective client searches a ratings website, you want your business to show up and have the most positive ratings possible.

#11: Make Yourself More Mobile-Friendly

Smartphones are a common tool for people who are on the go to find what they need. Whether someone is in an area they’re not familiar with or looking for a location solution for their needs, it’s becoming more and more common for them to turn to their smartphone for help. Make sure that your website offers a mobile version that they can easily access so you don’t miss out!

When your prospective clients turn to search engines, will your business be ready for them to find? If not, a professional SEO and Marketing company can help.

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