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Look at your business’s website on your computer. How does it look? Now look at it on a mobile device. Do you have to zoom in and out to read everything? Are there flash components that don’t work at all?

Chances are, your website is not built with mobile in mind, and according to Hubspot, that’s a huge issue, because over 61% of people say they have a better opinion of brands that offer a good mobile experience.

Since mobile design is so important, the next thing to consider is how? There are options. You can build a separate website that is made for mobile devices. The way this works is actually fairly straightforward. The website is programmed to recognize when a person is using a phone, and if they are, it shows them the mobile version of the website instead of the desktop version. It works pretty well, and we’ve used it for our clients in the past.

But we are currently transitioning all of our clients to a platform that allows for what’s called “responsive design.”

With responsive design, instead of there being a separate mobile website, the website resizes and reorganizes depending on the size of the screen a user is using. In other words, the website morphs into a mobile site as the screen is made smaller. It’s really cool!

To get an idea of what responsive design is, take a look at our website. If you’re on a desktop computer (or laptop), make the browser window narrower and see what happens. Look at our website on your phone. See how it “magically” looks perfect on your mobile device, even though it’s the same exact website?


One of the best things about responsive design is that it isĀ better for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The reason is because, like we mentioned earlier, you don’t have to have a separate website that is optimized for mobile devices. For example, before responsive design, there would be and then the mobile version at, let’s say, The “m” before the period that is before your domain name is called a subdomain, and it poses some issues:

Google wants to know what links are worth sharing in Google Search, and if you separate mobile versions from desktop versions, you run the risk of diluting the power of your web pages. Instead of a hundred people visiting and fifty people visiting, wouldn’t you rather Google see that 150 people visited

Additionally, have you ever shared a link on your Facebook wall from your phone before? If you have, you may have noticed that it shared the mobile version you were looking at. When people click the link you shared on their desktop computers, they see a page that is made for a mobile device, and it looks pretty strange. If the website link you shared from your mobile device, however, was from a responsive website, it would look perfect no matter who shared it, and no matter what kind of device they were using.

There are many more reason responsive design is the best, but we’ll leave you with this: A responsive website is always optimized to look perfect on any device, even ones that aren’t out yet! Since a responsive website resizes and reorganizes based on screen size and not what type of device, it always looks perfect. So, if tomorrow the iPhone 7 comes out, it’s nothing to worry about. Your website will still look beautiful.

If you are in the market for a new website, please do get in touch with us. We are currently offering a holiday special that includes, but is not limited to, a brand new, responsive website. You can look beautiful online, and it doesn’t have to cost $10,000.

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