What if I want to pause my ads?

If you want to pause your ads for any reason:

Like if you go on vacation for a week or two.

Or if you want to pause for the winter.

No biggie.

You can pause your services with me whenever you want and start back with me whenever you want.


My website is pretty bad. Do I need to build a good one?

Here's the thing about roofing websites:

Nearly all of them are pretty bad.

The good news is that rarely are people sitting home spending any time reading and looking at a local roofer's website.

Instead, what they ARE looking for is if you have one.

If you do, it's usually just fine.

But there's even better news:

With my marketing system for roofers, we don't send people to your website.

Instead, we send them to perfectly-built landing pages that we bolt on to your website.

These landing pages are web pages that we brand for your business, but that are designed and proven to increase the likelihood that people become leads who trust your company.

I don't even have a website... Can I still hire you?

You absolutely can still work with us even if you don't currently have a website.

Talk to us about it, because we have a number of solutions that usually work.

I don't have a Facebook Page for my roofing company...

No worries.

If you move forward with us, we can build your a Facebook Business Page for your roofing company on the onboarding call we do with you.

How much money do I need to spend on the ads to get leads?

When advertising on Facebook, it's important to use enough ad spend to get results quickly so that Facebook has the data it needs to know who to deliver your ads to.

We recommend spending at least $50 per day on the ad spend, but starting at $75 per day is better.

The cool thing is that Facebook doesn't bill you for a month of ad spend up front, and we don't either.

Instead, you pay that money directly to Facebook periodically as you advertise.

So, if you spend $50 per day, in the course of 30 days you will not spend more than $1,500 on the ad spend.

And by then, you should have closed a few deals, at least.

So you are already making more than you are spending.

Do you do marketing for other types of services like siding, windows, and other things?

I do offer my marketing services to contractors who do things other than roofing:

Siding contractors, masonry and concrete companies, and fence contractors are other companies I work with.

If you offer a different service and want to know if I can help you, start a live chat and let's talk about it.

Do you offer your marketing services to solar companies?

No. I don't work with solar at all.

If you're a roofing company who also does solar, that's perfectly fine.

I will gladly work with you on the roofing side of your business, but I don't create advertising and marketing for solar services.

What do the ads that you create for roofing contractors look like?

Sometimes roofing contractors I speak with want to see samples of the ads I create.

Here's what I tell them:

Seeing a sample ad will be very UNDERwhelming.

The ads I create don't look like ads.

If you're thinking you're going to see this amazingly designed image or insanely produced video, you're under the impression that those sorts of ads work best.

They don't.

The reason is pretty simple:

They don't work because people can tell they're ads.

When people use Facebook or Instagram, they use it to have fun.

Not to look at ads.

And people have become REALLY good at being able to identify what is an ad and what is a real piece of content.

So, if you make your ads look like ads, they'll just blow right by them.

If you make them look like real pieces of content, they'll stop for long enough that you can suck them into your messaging.

So the images we use are literally images of houses, or of people, or of shingles.

Sometimes we put those images into grids if it makes sense.

But it's simple and looks like real content.

Another thing people get totally wrong when creating roofing ads on Facebook and Instagram is that they think they shouldn't write a lot of stuff as the caption or as the primary text to accompany the image.

People don't have attention spans any more, right?


It's not that they don't have attention spans; it's that they are really good at knowing what they want to pay attention to.

If you can't write amazing sales copy, then sure, keep it short.

But if you can, you should write long sales copy.

Done right, the homeowner will be closer to buying than if you don't.

The difference is night and day.

So to know what the ads look like that I produce for my roofing clients, close your eyes and imagine a photo of a house, and above it imagine the best sales copy ever written.

That's what they look like.

Here's what I mean:

roofing ad example

This shows the roofing ad before it's expanded to reveal the long sales copy

effective roofing facebook ad

This shows the roofing ad after it's expanded so that the homeowner can read the long sales copy

Do you do Instagram ads for roofers also?


Instagram is owned by Facebook, so any ads that abide by Instagram's guidelines also run on Instagram.

And the cool thing is that you don't even need an Instagram page to have your ads show up there.