Facebook Ad Best Practices: How to Create Ads That Work

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Facebook ad best practices

Did you know that on Facebook there are over 22 billion ad clicks per year? Facebook is the biggest advertising opportunity that your business can take advantage of in just a few clicks. But how do you create ads that work?

Organic social media reach has significantly dwindled over the years. In order to combat the decrease of organic social media effectiveness, you should consider using Facebook Ads to achieve your business goals.

Facebook ads are a hugely effective marketing tool, but only when they’re done right. Follow these Facebook ad best practices to create content that works for your bottom line.

Leverage Targeting to Create an Effective Facebook Ad

With over 1.4 billion active monthly Facebook users it is crucial to use Facebook Advertising’s targeting options to hone in on your audience. 

Facebook ads work by targeting custom audiences, location, gender, interests, behaviors, and connections. The platform allows you to get specific in order to reach your potential clients and target customers.

Facebook offers some outside of the box targeting options such as life events. Because users share with Facebook when they graduate from college, get engaged, start a new job, or have a baby, advertisers have access to very specific targeting options. If you sell a product, such as weddings rings, that is specific to a certain life event, like engagement, then this feature is for you.

Do you already have current customers you’d like to target? Use Custom Audiences to connect with your current customers, clients, and contacts. Input contact lists in order to connect with your warm leads.

Use Visuals that Add Value

We all know about the infamous Facebook Algorithm. But how can you and your business compete with a machine so that your ad is seen? Facebook ad best practices are to include visuals into your campaign and using video content when available.

When selecting visuals to accompany your Facebook advertisement make sure you use high-resolution images that fit Facebook’s ad specs. Your image or video should also closely relate to the ad copy. Remember to keep the user’s experience at top of mind when creating your ad.

Ideally, your ad’s creative will resonate with your audience which will drive them to follow the call to action. Consider using images that display how people are benefiting from your product or service. 

Facebook ads can include several types of creative. Try using some of the following visuals to push your ad to the next level:

  • Video
  • Infographic
  • Static image
  • Gif
  • Carousel 

When you are creating an effective Facebook ad remember that visual content is more likely to be shared and remembered than written content.

Content and Copy are Still King

Although a good visual is enticing, the ad content and copy are still king when producing effective Facebook ads. Good content is essential in any social media strategy.

While drafting your copy consider keeping it short and sweet. On average, people scroll through 300 feet of social media content daily. This proves how important it is that your Facebook ad both is relevant to the user and stands out in a crowded landscape.

Think about leading your Facebook ad copy with value. Convince your target customer that they need your product or service right away. This is your chance to capture attention and prove your worth before someone scrolls past your ad.

Use simple language when drafting your ad copy. It should be read at a fifth-grade reading level. Keeping the messaging simple is key to immediately convey your product or service to the customer.

Once you have your ad copy ready make sure you have others review and react to it. Testing the copy paired with the visual is an important step in Facebook advertising. 

Create a Compelling Call to Action 

What is your Facebook ad’s goal? This is an important factor in determining your call to action (CTA). Establish your goal for the ad and the advertising campaign in order to ladder up to your business objectives.

Create one clear and compelling call to action per ad. Including more than one call to action per post can become confusing to the audience. On the flip side, omitting a call to action will leave the audience wondering how they can purchase your product or service. 

When creating your ad consider adding a call-to-action button to your Facebook ad. This button will display text such as shop now, contact us, or sign up. The call to action button provides a visual opportunity for users to complete your desired call to action. 

While selecting the right call to action for your advertisement consider adding a sense of urgency to the post. This is a good practice for driving sales. Consider adding in language like offer ends soon or save 10% if you buy today.

Facebook Ad Best Practices for Your Business

Anyone can make a Facebook ad. However, without industry best practices in place, there’s a good chance it will not be effective.

Are you ready to join the forces of Facebook ads? Following these Facebook ad best practices will help jump-start your journey.

  • Utilize Facebook targeting demographics to specify your audience
  • Share vivid visuals and creative assets to capture customer’s attention
  • Wordsmith your ad’s copy to create enticing content
  • Include one clear call to action

If you’re ready to start advertising on Facebook, contact the consultants at Minyona Digital Marketing today. We are ready to support your business needs and help you reach your target revenue with digital marketing best practices.