Exclusive SEO Leads – Instead of Buying Them, Generate Them Yourself

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exclusive SEO leads

Your business depends on leads and if the return on investment for those leads is good, it’s a no brainer. And there are many ways to get good, qualified leads: You can advertise online with a powerful PPC campaign on Google, Facebook, and other channels; you can even pay for exclusive SEO leads, buying several qualified leads at a time from a company who is already ranking organically for the keywords that bring you business. If that works for you, there’s no reason to stop.

Or is there…

What are exclusive SEO leads?

Exclusive SEO leads are leads that a company gets by ranking in Google Search. They bundle a handful of leads up and sell them to companies who could turn those leads into paying clients. They are exclusive in the sense that the particular leads are only sold to one company, meaning that company isn’t competing with other companies to win those accounts.

What are the drawbacks?

Buying exclusive SEO leads has its drawbacks…

While this is a bit of a cynical viewpoint, the fact of the matter is that when you buy exclusive SEO leads from a company, there’s no way to ensure that that company isn’t selling those same leads to one or even several other companies just like yours. While you may be told that you’re the only one competing for the business those leads provide, there may in fact be other companies calling them up as well. In short, you’re in the dark. You are spending money for exclusivity that you can’t even prove.

In addition to not truly knowing whether the exclusive SEO leads are actually exclusive, you are also at the mercy of the company selling the leads in terms of the price for those leads. The first time you buy the leads, you pay X. But it’s up to the company selling you the leads to name the price, which means they can increase the price of those leads on a whim. In other words, they control your cost per acquisition (CPA). Month one the leads cost X. Month two they can cost 2X, and we’ve seen it happen many times before.

What can you do to replace buying exclusive SEO leads as a way to get more leads?

In short, you can produce those leads yourself one of two ways: You can do SEO yourself, or you can hire a company to do SEO for you. Doing SEO yourself is possible if you have a lot of knowledge regarding SEO—though if you did, chances are you’d already be doing it. We have helpful resources on our website, so feel free to poke around. Alternatively, and what we’d recommend, is hiring an SEO company who’s awesome at SEO and has a proven track record.

Picking the right SEO company to work with isn’t easy, and sometimes it’s good to know what NOT to do when choosing who to work with. You might like reading this free e-book:

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Remember, the only reason the exclusive SEO leads-selling company is able to do what they do is because they have online assets that are ranking for the keywords that bring in leads interested in the products or services you sell. But that also means that with awesome SEO, you could rank for those keywords also. And once you are ranking, you can generate leads that you don’t have to pay for a la carte. Instead, you’ll be the lead generator, saving you tons of money, and ensuring you retain control of obtaining a steady stream of new business.

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