Content Marketing: What it is, Why You Need it, and More…

Everyone has heard about content marketing, but some business owners or marketing directors may still be a little fuzzy about what constitutes great content marketing. Content marketing is a crucial part of promoting a business and can reap tremendous rewards if done properly. Unfortunately, a poorly-thought-out content marketing effort is almost certain to lead to disappointing results. As in many areas of life, getting the details right is the key to success. Here is a closer look at the core elements of a powerful and effective content marketing strategy.


Every impressive content marketing strategy starts by focusing on a specific customer. You can’t develop strong content without knowing your target audience. Who is your dream customer and what does does she care about? What are the demographics of your ideal customers and what factors motivate her to make a purchase? Only when you have answered these types of questions can you begin to produce articles, blogs, and videos that bring positive results. Once you understand who your customer is and how she thinks, the stage is set for successful a campaign.


To make a favorable impression on your target audience, the content must be valuable. The reader or viewer of your content must conclude that it offers compelling information that makes them more knowledgeable about the topic. If your content does not offer any beneficial facts or insights, the customer will probably consider it to be just another sales pitch, which is the kiss of death. By providing relevant content that speaks to their needs and desires, you connect with your target audience on a human level and substantially increase your chances of turning a potential customer in a buyer.

Tell Your Story

Telling the story of your business or brand is crucial pillar of powerful content marketing. Your target audience may know very little about your business, if anything. To counteract this, focus your content on telling the story of your brand in a way that creates a bond with potential customer. Every brand or business is unique and has a story to tell. If the content presents your narrative in a memorable way, your are one step closer to forming a lasting bond with the prospect.


After creating your content, it’s time to get it distributed. In some cases, you may already have channels in place for your content. Does your business have a main website, a blog, a YouTube channel, a Twitter account or a Facebook page? These are all excellent channels for distributing your content. One key point is to ensure that the tone of your content fits the channel. For example, on your main website, you will want a professional tone. One a blog or Facebook page, however, a more conversational approach is called for. Set up your channels so that they interact with each other. Have your Twitter account drive readers to your blog posts, for instance.

Measure Results

Another essential feature of an effective content marketing effort is measuring your results. This allows you to make any changes, if necessary. For example, if blog posts are a key part of your campaign, you need a way to determine how many views each post receives and whether the post is shared by the reader. The final measure of any campaign, of course, is whether it leads to increased sales and profit.

Creating a winning content marketing strategy takes considerable time and effort. Connecting with your target audience in way that turns them into loyal customers doesn’t happen overnight. By incorporating all of these elements into your content marketing, however, you dramatically boost your chances for success.

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