Content Marketing and SEO for Dental Practices

Dental Practice Online Marketing

Promoting blog posts on Facebook has enabled Minyona’s dental practice clients to reach over 3,000 people locally per week!

News about using content marketing to promote your business, earn new customers, and form beneficial business relationships abounds on the internet. However, you might not understand what’s required to effectively market your dental practice with content beyond your main website. Thankfully, at Minyona, we’re experts at using content marketing to ensure that your dental practice receives ample exposure across all major social media platforms.

Blog Power

As a dental professional, you have everything to gain by creating an informative and well-written blog. By posting a fresh blog post at least once a week, you keep your content current and show your audience that you’re informed about all the latest advances and services in the dental industry. You also make your practice more accessible to current and future clients and instill confidence that you’re the best professional to fulfill their needs. With many people still leery of dental office visits, content marketing with a blog gains positive attention and makes your practice more approachable.

Social Media Platforms

Creating and updating a quality blog filled with valuable content is just the first step toward using content marketing to promote your dental practice. Next, you need to make people aware of the content you’re posting and that’s where social media platforms come in. After all, without the right publicity, no one will even know you’re blog exists and this is counterproductive to success. Research indicates that a majority of adults in the United States use the internet, and most of those users have an account on at least one social media platform such as Facebook. While Google+ and Twitter are making gains as far as audience numbers, Facebook remains one of the most used platforms, and if your dental practice isn’t already on it, you’re missing out on a large prospective audience.

An Effective Blog + Social Media Equation

Once you have a blog and a presence on social media that includes Facebook, Twitter, and/or Google+, the real work in an effective dental content marketing equation begins. It’s important to remember to incorporate key elements and proven methods in your content marketing plan. These include:

Interesting content – Use your blog to show your audience that you’re informed of current issues and that you can address familiar challenges with a fresh perspective. With the right type of blog content filled with answers to common questions, benefits of dental procedures, and information about dental conditions, users are able to find your practice with greater effectiveness via search engines. Mix things up by posting interesting photos, useful facts, and inspirational quotes along with relevant dental industry information and your practice have the power to stand out from the competition.

Quality above all – While it’s vital that you maintain a presence on social media platforms, posting too often comes across as spammy and can turn your audience off. Limiting posts on Facebook to one or two quality pieces per day is far more likely to engage users than continually posting throughout the day. Make sure you include a call to action in blog posts and social media posts as this is 10 times more likely to encourage users to share, like, and interact across platforms.

Multi-platform content – Effective dental content marketing works seamlessly across multiple platforms. Every blog post is designed to adapt for promotion on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and other platforms according to their specific algorithms. Other effective promotion practices include having a short video included in the blog post and being able to transform it into an image-based social media share. By creating a quality blog post that’s easily adaptable across multiple platforms, there’s more time for effective promotion.

Powerful Promotion

Without the right type of promotion, users can’t find your content no matter how relevant and valuable it is. Facebook is a powerful tool in content marketing as it directs traffic to your main website and also encourages users to interact on your dental practice’s Facebook page. Promoting blog posts on Facebook has enabled Minyona’s dental practice clients to reach over 3,000 people locally per week (at least!).

With Minyona’s variety of content marketing tools including professional website design, blog creation and maintenance, and social media promotion your dental practice gains the audience needed to stay on top in the increasingly competitive dental industry.

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