Common SEO Questions Answered During a Real Client Meeting

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Transcript to Video:

I guess the question you’re asking is, “if I stopped doing it for 4 months, would I lose rankings and would I lose traffic?”

Client: And the answer would be yes.

It would be yes but not immediately. You wouldn’t lose it the first 4 months, you’d lose it the second 4 months. Because it takes time lose rankings and it also takes time to gain them.

Client: Makes sense.

Part of SEO is gaining rankings you didn’t have and another part is defending the positions that you have by continually getting signals from other websites that your website is in fact a site that Google should show to people. And every time we write a blog post, there are keywords in there, and variations of keywords you are trying to rank for, that convince Google to show you for more than one thing.

Client: Does it convince Google to go to my blog or convince it to go to my website?

So that’s the beauty of having a blog on your website. Your blog is your website. It’s on – and then whatever the post is. Just like all the other pages, the Yelp reviews are in the top right hand corner of the page so people can see how great your company is. There is a form right under that – the phone number is at the top just like it is for any other page so it’s simple for people to reach out no matter what page they are on. And then a blog, in terms of what it does – aside from getting people to reach out right then and there – it takes some times 5-10 views or impressions of your business before people reach out to you – or build enough trust to reach out to you. I think a blog is great for building that trust and getting people to associate your brand as the guy in town that does this.

Client: I love these blogs, because it’s getting people to understand – it’s putting a face to the company. People know – Casey does this.

SEO is a long game play. With ads, you click a button – you put $500 into it – you are now the top everywhere. If you were to pay Google to get the same organic traffic you are getting from SEO but if you were to pay them for ads, it would cost you thousands of dollars a month.

Client: There are places that open up that spend $1,000 on advertising in 2 months and you don’t see them or hear from them anymore.

If it’s between PPC advertising for your or SEO, in your position I think it’s SEO because if you think about the revenue that one repair brings in, how much money are you willing to spend to obtain that one customer.

Client: It’s not worth that. It’s not worth $10 per click, that’s for sure.

Definitely not. If it was $10 a click and it took 10 clicks to get a phone call and 10 phone calls to get a client you’re done.

Client: Yea it’s over. You have no money.

With SEO, the good thing is that once you’re there – as long as you can stay there…

Client: It’s really hard for you to come down.

Well not just that, because it’s not too hard to come down if people are doing SEO as well and your stuff goes stale. When you’re ranked are #1, #2, or #3, it doesn’t matter how many people click on that position. Every time someone clicks your ad it costs you money – every time someone clicks your organic position, it costs you zero dollars.

Client: If anything, would it help you that way? Would you become more relevant to Google if people click on you?

So that’s actually one of the factors that Google considers when it determines who to show in the top spots. Number one, is, if we show this in the top spot – or near the top – are people actually clicking on it? So you have to make sure your metadata is click worthy. If it just says “Home – Forever Wireless” what does that mean? But – “Baltimore Cell Phone Repair Forever Wireless” or “We Repair Cell Phones Better Than Anyone Else…” – that’s something people will click on. Then, what Google will do is they will say, “a lot of people clicked on it – are they staying on the website for an amount of time that would suggest they found what they are looking for? Or, are they getting to the website and realizing it’s not the right site that they were looking for and they are leaving immediately?” In that case, they would probably bump you from the top position, because while people are clicking through, it’s not providing the answer that they were looking for in search. That’s why it’s important to have good metadata to get people to click through, but then also awesome content on your website so that when they are on it, they actually consume content, engage with it, and then reach out to you.