You Need Good Content

You Don’t Need New Social Media Software. You Need Good Content.

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A client of ours recently asked me if they should be using various social media software. Like HootSuite, Nuvi, etc. Here’s my response: -begin- I’m familiar with both tools and other tools like them. The thing is… The tools themselves are always touted as the magic pill that all of the sudden launches your social media strategies into the stratosphere. …

Michael J. Does SEO For A Bed Bug Lawyer’s Website

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Transcript: Michael Jaskulsky: Oh hey how are ya? Michael Mignogna: What’s up? what are you doing? Michael Jaskulsky: One of our clients, an attorney, specializes in bed bug law and we’re writing a blog post on how to know if you’ve been bitten by bed bugs, so I try to find a relatively not so graphic photo of somebody who’s …

Do SEO All By Yourself Using Google’s Related Searches

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Alright I have an SEO tip for all of you with websites for your business or whatever your website’s for. If you’re looking to rank for a search term, a search phrase like “business in Baltimore” or whatever the type of business is, what you want to do is you want to type that search term into Google and press …

Common SEO Questions Answered During a Real Client Meeting

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Transcript to Video: I guess the question you’re asking is, “if I stopped doing it for 4 months, would I lose rankings and would I lose traffic?” Client: And the answer would be yes. It would be yes but not immediately. You wouldn’t lose it the first 4 months, you’d lose it the second 4 months. Because it takes time …

writing for different social media platforms

Writing for Social Media: Tips for Different Platforms

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Since social media was introduced nearly 15 years ago with the advent of MySpace, businesses have begun using these platforms for everything from customer engagement to marketing. While it is tempting to reuse the same content from one social media site to another, each provides unique opportunities to reach new customers, interact with current users, and create attention-grabbing content. Facebook …

distracted dog on social media

3 Ways Social Media Has Changed the Marketplace

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When the internet was in its infancy, back in the days of chat rooms, when there were more browsers to choose from than boy bands of the 90’s, no one could imagine the advent or impact of social media. Today, not only has it changed the way we communicate with one another, it has dramatically altered how companies market their …

Complete Guide to eCommerce Website Structure SEO

How to Structure Your Online Store for eCommerce SEO

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In this blog post we will talk about the importance of site structure with regard to eCommerce SEO. In other words, how should your online store be structured so that it shows up at the top in Google Search? Specifically, this blog post will address four important website challenges: How should you organize the navigation bar? How should you organize …

audit the work your seo company is doing

How to Tell if the SEO Company You’ve Hired is Ripping You Off

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a term that is used describe any efforts made to encourage and convince search engines (primarily Google) to show a particular website high up in search results for given search terms. In other words, SEO is a collection of best practices that get your website on the first page of Google for the search terms people …