Example of Low and High Fidelity Wireframes

What are wireframes and why are they important?

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One important stage of the interface design process is turning any type of inspiration, ideas, or sketches of your interface into wireframes. Wireframes provide a hierarchy of information to your design. They help to prioritize content in order to determine how much space should be allocated to different types of content. There are generally two types of wireframes: low fidelity …

m logo variations for color choosing

We Designed A New Logo For Our Company. Here’s How We Did It.

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Julia Bender, our new Art Director, recently joined the team and so far she’s hit the ground running. We have a lot of new website projects in the works, and in our spare time, we are giving our company a rebrand—with a new logo, and eventually a brand new website. And Julia is spearheading the whole thing. One of her …

If You Own A Dental Practice, You NEED to Read This

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With the change Google implemented in their algorithm, the emphasis is now on mobile-friendly websites. This greatly benefits websites designed to be mobile-friendly because the new algorithm gives them a stronger ranking signal, helping them move up in search engine results. However, if your dental website isn’t mobile-friendly enough to meet Google’s new algorithm’s criteria, there’s a good chance that …

7 Mistakes of Mobile Web Design

7 Mistakes of Mobile Web Design

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On April 21, Google introduces its new mobile optimization algorithm and if your site isn’t ready for it, your rank in search results could take a serious dive. Fortunately, by following some smart mobile friendly practices and avoiding the common mistakes webmasters make when implementing mobile optimization, you can keep your business on top. Google has spelled out the mistakes …

build trust with a good website

Build Trust in your Business with Awesome Web Design

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Building customer trust starts with great website design. As one of the most influential factors affecting a user’s initial opinion of a business, quality website design increases conversions rates by over 30%. Updating a site to make it more modern and changing details such as headlines and images have positive influences on visitors and are 2-3 times more likely to …

For Your Next Website, Do THIS

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Look at your business’s website on your computer. How does it look? Now look at it on a mobile device. Do you have to zoom in and out to read everything? Are there flash components that don’t work at all? Chances are, your website is not built with mobile in mind, and according to Hubspot, that’s a huge issue, because …