Case Study: Townhouse NY

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We were hired by Townhouse NY, a gay piano bar in NYC, to help them get more people in the door for their happy hours, private events, specials events, and more.

To begin with, they desperately needed a new website, so we immediately got started with that. 

Here’s what their homepage looked like prior to our redesigning it:

Old homepage design, not mobile friendly

As you can see from the above image, their old homepage was in desperate need of an update. The navigation was way too cluttered (and that piano theme was a bit corny for our taste..). The background—the gold—was blurry (we aren’t actually sure what it’s supposed to be…). There was also nothing on the homepage that spoke to the various important things Townhouse Bar has to offer, like their daily specials, ability to do private parties, and more. 

When you build a website, you have to think in terms of how to make it super easy for people to use. There’s a tendency to want to include EVERYTHING in the main navigation of the website, but that’s rarely a good decision. Instead, you should make the main navigation super simple, only showing the things you want people to see that make you money. Then, you can add the additional information strategically throughout the website, in the footer, on pages in the content, etc. 

With that in mind, this is the new homepage that we designed:

New homepage design, mobile friendly

As you can see from the above image, their new homepage is super sleek, elegant, and easy to navigate. Their navigation is simplified, so that their daily specials and events, private parties, piano players, and contact pages are front and center—while the links to their reviews, dress code, and email sign up form pages are in the footer of the website. It’s not that those pages aren’t important, but because we want the main navigation to be super simple, they simply didn’t make the cut. 

It’s not just an aesthetic improvement though… It’s also a functional and structural one.

This new website is built on WordPress, one of the most powerful, Google-friendly content management systems in the world (THE best, if you ask me). Now, when updates and changes need to be made, we can do it really easily, because we have a strong system in place. Plus, we have complete control over how Google digests the content on the website, saves it to their index, etc. 

And because of that, this website is now going to serve as the basis for an entirely integrated marketing strategy. 

As soon as we launched the website, we installed Google Tag Manager, which makes it really easy for us to deploy various marketing software. For instance, we are using Google Tag Manager to deploy Google Analytics on all pages, so we can track website traffic, behavior, etc. We are also using Google Tag Manager to deploy the Facebook Pixel, which is essentially a tracking device that we can slip into the pockets of all website visitors, so that we can show them ads on Facebook and Instagram. 

Listen to this podcast to learn more about tracking your website visitors:

Scrappy Wins Podcast #15 – How To Slip A Tracking Device On Your Website Visitors, Then Show Them An Ad On Facebook

There’s no point in having a website if you can’t use it to build your business.

This new website will allow us to track everything so that we can know exactly what marketing strategies are actually working. Did that last email blast that sent people to the website actually work? Are people who visited that page on the website seeing the retargeting ads on Facebook? Are they looking at the contact information (likely so that they can visit)? The old website wasn’t equipped to answer any of those questions. The new website is!

Watch this quick video showing the difference between their old site and their new site:

I should have mentioned it in the beginning of this post, but we also redesigned their logo. Make sure to check out their old logo on in the video as compared to their new logo on their new site!

We will be updating this post as we accomplish more in the way of actual marketing strategies across Facebook and Instagram, so if you’re interested, check back here. 

And if you think your business could use a revamp like this, fill out this form so we can see if we’re a good fit!