Case Study: Pride Pest Service

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pride pest service case study

We received a call from the owner of Pride Pest, John, asking if we could help him get leads for his pest control business.

He’d been working with another company who he said was already bringing him leads, but the problem was that the leads were 30+ minutes away from his desired service area?


Because the person doing his digital marketing already had a client in his desired service area, and didn’t want to compete against himself, essentially.


So, John asked if we could essentially reverse engineer what this other guy was doing.

So we did.

Then made it even better.

We Built Landing Pages in a Matter of a Few Days

John needed leads quickly, but his website as a complete mess. Half done and mostly filler text, his website was so bad that sending traffic to it using Google Ads would have been a complete wasted of money.

But since it takes a bit of time to build a new website, and because we wanted to bring John leads immediately, we built landing pages in a matter of days using unbounce.

We Set Up Tracking Numbers to Keep Track of Leads

Then, we used a tracking phone number on those landing pages so that we could track each and every phone call that he got.

We prefer using callrail for tracking numbers because their system is super robust and has lots of cool features.

For instance…

Like many small business owners, John conducts business using his personal cell phone. The problem is that when it rings, he doesn’t know if it’s a call from a potential customer or from a friend or family member—or his dentist or something…

But with callrail you can set what’s called a “whisper message,” so that when you pick up the phone, you immediately hear something like “Call from Pride Pest Landing Page.” When John hears that, he knows to answer “Hey, this is John with Pride Pest. How can I help you?”


We Set Up Google Ads to Drive Qualified Leads to His Landing Pages

Landing pages are great, but without traffic, they are useless. So, we needed to find people interested in the services John offers. By far the best choice for that is Google Ads.

First, we had to research keywords for various pest control services in Monmouth County NJ.

We found over 600.

Then we had to separate them into groups and cull the list, getting rid of the low-buyers-intent keywords (keywords that people likely aren’t typing in who, in fact, need a pest control company).

Once the lists were organized, we created campaigns and adgroups in Google AdWords, sending traffic to the related landing pages.

He Immediately Began Getting Leads & Converting Them Into Clients

The ads were turned on and his phone started ringing.

He began getting leads every day in his service area so he didn’t have to spend all of his money on gas and all of his time in his car.

Phone Call Leads

We Built John a New Website

Once we got John of Pride Pest set up with a lead generating machine, we went to work on a brand new website. We wanted to create something that was optimized for lead generation, was super fast, and looked amazing on all devices.

Every Page Has What Looks Like A Coupon

It’s a competitive world out there, and in the business of pest control, it’s usually the one who responds fastest who gets the job. But before you can respond, someone has to reach out.

And people tend to reach out when they feel like not only are they getting great service, but they are getting a great price.

So, we designed the site to evoke thoughts of coupons and savings and deals.

It’s subtle, but effective.

pride pest homepage example

The Website is FAST

cohen harris website speed test

Loading in under 2 seconds, the website is super fast. It’s in part, because the page images are optimized, but also because we host all of our websites on a really fast server.

John (Pride Pest Owner) LOVES His New Website

Happy Client Text Message

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