Case Study: Elan Law

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elan law case study

When Evan Elan of the Elan Law Firm reached out to me, their internet leads were non-existent.

A young attorney beginning his career in his family’s practice, Evan was eager to move the firm into the 21st century.

He knew the value of the internet, did his research, and wanted to take the next step…

So, we spoke about his goals and decided on two particular verticals that we believed we’d be able to have lots of success with:

Bed bug law, and Personal Injury, specifically accidents involving Uber and Lift drivers and passengers.

To compete in the Google ads arena, the Elan Law Firm would have needed about $10k+ per month just to put up a fight.

The cost per click is astronomical.

So, we chose SEO. While super difficult, if we were successful, he could get a million clicks per day and not pay 1 cent.

Without giving away the secret sauce we used to accomplish those goals, the short story is this:

He now gets 40+ leads a month for bed bug cases and dozens for Uber Accident cases.

He’s ranked nationally for both keyword variations, bringing him many thousands in cases per month.

He’s even ready to start using Google ads now that his cash flow is where it needs to be to feel comfortable committing to the amount of money it takes to compete with the big guys.

Huge success!

Here’s what Evan has to say about us:

evan elan lawyer testimonial

The cool thing is that while we thought it was a long shot initially, we soon realized that we’d figured out exactly what it takes to dominate for particular KWs

For Bed Bugs, for instance, it took a combination of powerful SEO strategies, involving content production, backlink building, and more. 

Per Uber and Lyft accident cases, it was very much the same thing…

Conclusion: SEO principles are what they are. If they work for one KW, they should work for others. Google is just an algorithm, at the end of the day. 

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