Build Trust in your Business with Awesome Web Design

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build trust with a good website

Building customer trust starts with great website design. As one of the most influential factors affecting a user’s initial opinion of a business, quality website design increases conversions rates by over 30%. Updating a site to make it more modern and changing details such as headlines and images have positive influences on visitors and are 2-3 times more likely to convert visitors into customers.

Attract and keep customers with website design

Not only does quality website design build trust, it also attracts and increases new customers who visit a company’s website for product research. A site with accurate, relevant, and interesting product or services information helps customers decide to purchase from a certain business. Ensuring that your customers have a beneficial experience when using your site leads to positive reviews (both written online and shared verbally) and a higher potential that those customers will return to your site in the future instead of visiting a competitor’s site.

Gain loyal customers

There are several trust aspects a company must portray in order to gain and increase customer loyalty. These aspects require incorporation in the company’s overall brand image and conveyed adequately in their website design.

  • Customer care – As a company, you must treat your customers as human beings and not just as a source of business. People appreciate knowing that a business truly cares about providing quality services and products to their customers and that you follow through on your promises.
  • Honest and ethical – When you say that your products or services perform a certain way, customers expect that you’re telling the truth. They also expect that you intend to treat them lawfully and fairly. The more upfront and honest you are, the more likely it is that people will trust you.
  • Quality – Customers have certain expectations for the products and services you offer on your website and you need to meet and exceed those expectations with quality performance.
  • Secure purchasing – Online shopping and purchasing is extremely popular and you need to ensure that you provide maximum security protection to your customers so they feel safe when buying from your site.
  • Legitimate – Everything about your company from your website to your content to your marketing needs to reassure people that you’re a legitimate business worthy of their trust.

By incorporating all these aspects into your company’s overall image, you gain customer trust and with quality customer care after the initial purchase, you keep their trust and their business. That’s why it’s so vital that your website design portrays the positive aspects of your business in an upfront, interesting, and easy to navigate way.

Organize content to build trust

One of the fastest ways to lose a customer’s business and trust is by having a cluttered website that’s difficult to navigate. If it takes a visitor more than one or two clicks to find what they’re looking for, they’re going to leave your site and take their business elsewhere. Avoid this problem by having a website design that features well-organized content in a layout that flows from aspect to the next. The easier it is for users to find solutions to their problems on your site, the higher their trust and faith in your company becomes. Use boxes and bullet points to organize information in logical, understandable ways so visitors don’t have to search through endless pages for answers. Customers appreciate reading accurate, typo-free content broken up into manageable sections rather than finding themselves faced with huge blocks of text.

Display Accolades, Guarantees, and Seals

The more visual signs and symbols of trust you display on your site the better as customers put more faith in business with established credentials and security.

  • Accolades – When your company receives awards or positive press mentions, displaying these accolades prominently on your website’s homepage establishes legitimacy.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee – If you offer a satisfaction guarantee, outline it on one of your main pages so customers know you’re dedicated to quality service.
  • Seals and Security – Place BBB seals and secure checkout symbols, including VeriSign and TRUSTe where customers can easily find them. This gives them reassurance that their personal information is secure on your site.
  • Contact information – When your company has a physical location, list it, but if it doesn’t, you still need to provide contact information to create customer trust. Invite customers to contact you via email or an online form when they require assistance or want to inquire about a product or service you offer.
  • Client logos – Your business doesn’t need to have famous or notable clients to be trustworthy (though it certainly doesn’t hurt), but you do need to include a list of current and past clients, including their logos, somewhere on your site. Doing so tells site visitors that those clients had such a positive experience with your company that they’re proud to be associated with it.

Be Human and Relatable

The attention span of humans seems to grow shorter every day and you only have a few precious seconds to capture interest, make a positive impression, and encourage engagement from visitors to your site. The sooner a user finds information on your site that shows your business in made up of real people and has loyal customers, the more likely they are to trust you and investigate further. Convey how human and relatable your company is by featuring photos of your location, owners, and employees in action instead of using what are obviously stock photos.  When you include social media buttons on your site, also show elements like a Twitter feed, RSS feed and the Facebook “Like” box to demonstrate your social presence and credibility.

Include credible reviews and testimonials

Unfortunately, there are companies that pay people to write positive reviews so it takes more effort to gain customer trust when it comes to reviews and testimonials. Increase the credibility of any customer feedback by including the name and location of the person who gave it, but it’s a good idea to ask those customers for permission first. Testimonials and reviews from legitimate social media users including their link or photo create a highly trustworthy impression.

Incorporate interactive features

Including interactive features on your site and actually following through with human interaction is one of the best ways to show customers that you value their business and care about their best interests. These interactive features can include a customer login, which allows them to save preferences, view forums, set up appointments, and utilize advanced search options in their own unique profile. Implement a rating and review system that encourages both positive and negative reviews as this earns trust and gives insight into any issues that require solutions.

Conform but remain unique

Great website design involves striking a balance between creating a site that looks unique while also performing as users expect. A certain level of internet conformity is required on an effective site so customers can easily navigate through pages and links to find their desired information. This sense of familiarity instills confidence in visitors and builds trust. Basic functions that most online users expect to find on a website include the ability to return to the home page when clicking on the company logo, a search bar with filters, and email confirmations when signing up for notifications. Every link on the site needs to go somewhere because even a single broken link can frustrate customers and lower their trust in your company. When you pay attention to even the smallest details on your website and focus on making it unique yet familiar, it has a huge impact on customer satisfaction and interaction.

Combine quick load time with pleasing appearance

A majority of online users aren’t impressed with a website cluttered with too many unnecessary visual design elements. Not only that, too many elements on the page can increase the load time of the site and that’s an instant turn-off for visitors. Great website design is eye-catching without slowing download time so that customers can quickly start navigating through the pages in search of products and information. Overall, a great website design has a pleasing appearance with unique visual elements and a classic layout that appears both trendy and classic.

At Minyona, we’re experts at incorporating all the essential, trust-building elements necessary for standout website design. We provide unique, easy to navigate sites with well-written, relevant content that attracts customers, builds engagement, and ensures a powerful online presence for your business.