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We know… It sounds like we’re bragging. And I suppose we are. But don’t take our word for it. Instead, click around our website and read some of the testimonials.

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In-Person Digital Marketing

Working with a digital marketing firm doesn’t have to feel so far-removed. Just because it’s the digital world doesn’t mean in-person meetings aren’t super-valuable. If you have a business in Baltimore, you might benefit from using a digital marketing firm based in Baltimore who agrees to visiting you from time to time. Sometimes, old school rocks.

Baltimore is Unique

Here’s a thought… Work with a digital marketing team who knows the areas you service. I mean, could it be any more obvious as to why that’s important? Picking a team with knowledge of a your area of business, not to mention the value in having strong relationships with other businesses that could prove to be strategic partners, is nothing to turn your nose up at.

Website Design and Development

It all really starts with your website. If your website sucks, well, you’re kind of off to a bad start. But not to worry, because we build awesome websites! I mean, just look at ours. It’s beautiful on all devices, it’s fast, and there’s no reason your website should be any less than what ours is.┬áDigital marketing Baltimore businesses begins with an awesome website.

Showing Up in Google Search Results

Have you ever heard of the term “SEO”? It stands for Search Engine Optimization. It’s one of our specialties, and it’s ridiculously important if you’re a business that relies on leads from the internet. We get you on the first page of Google. It’s that simple. Get our free e-book to learn how to pick the worst SEO company ever.

Pay Per Click Advertising

SEO takes time to work, and while it’s totally worth it, sometimes businesses need immediate exposure. Pay Per Click advertising gets you front and center immediately, so your phone starts ringing with leads.

Inbound Marketing is so Effective

Did you know you are missing out on tons of leads? Digital marketing Baltimore means providing valuable information to visitors of your website that aren’t necessarily ready to reach out and contact you yet. Instead, they may just want to learn some helpful stuff, and you can provide it to them for free (in exchange for their email address).

What makes us the best digital marketing firm in Baltimore?

We proclaim to provide the best digital marketing Baltimore has to offer, and while we know that’s a bit ridiculous, we have some compelling points to make to that effect. Our company started sort of by accident. Michael Mignogna, the CEO, was doing some website design for a large fabric company in NYC when he decided to ask the owner of the company if he’d like him to do a quick audit of the work the fabric company’s marketing agency was doing. Long story short, Michael was horrified to find that the digital marketing company was essentially stealing their money. They were running ads on Google, but not disclosing how much of the budget was being spent and how much was going into their pockets. They were running a blog that was full of low-quality, duplicate content. Basically, it was a complete mess. So, Michael decided to create a digital marketing firm that provided all of those services, but at a really high level, and learned what not to do from that weak, dishonest digital marketing firm. Now, Minyona is located in the Maryland area, and as you’ve read, claims to provide the best digital marketing Baltimore has to offer.

Why use Minyona?

  • We are young but also not too young

    We grew up when the internet was just starting, and our parents introduced us to it immediately. It’d pretty cool to think back on.

  • 66% of Our Team is Related to One Another

    Our CEO and COO are step-brothers, and they were best friends first. Want a company who actually loves work working for you? Hire us.

  • We Are Besties With Our Clients

    Do you text message your current marketing team? Probably not. But what better way is there to communicate when you need something done immediately? Shoot us a text!

Let’s discuss your project!

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“We now rank for thousands of search terms, and we’ve never been busier.”Neil Kumar, Baboo Digital