3 Reasons Your Website Needs a Blog

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Here are three reasons your website needs a blog:

1. In terms of what it means to do “marketing” for your business, the web has changed the rules.

David Meerman Scott points this out in his book The New Rules of Marketing & PR: “Prior to the web, organizations had only two significant choices to attract attention: buy expensive advertising or get third-party ink from the media. But the web has changed the rules.”

In other words, you’re selling yourself short if you think all that’s necessary is paid advertising. There’s nothing wrong with paid advertising; that’s not what we’re saying. On the contrary, a properly run Google AdWords campaign can bring a lot more business.

But your online marketing should start with good, unique content, and a blog is the industry standard as the tool to that end.

2. The behavior and expectations of your potential customers have shifted.

Your customers read blogs, they Google the products and services they’re looking to purchase, and they check social media outlets to find out more information.


Because with the advent and evolution of the internet, information is readily available, and people have learned that they can educate themselves completely before making a purchase. There’s no excuse for mistakenly choosing the wrong item or service provider.

The reason a blog is so important is not only because it’s a place to house your content for people to read when they’re on your website, but also to actually GET PEOPLE TO YOUR WEBSITE.

That’s right. Properly written blog posts can get you on the first page of Google search for hundreds and thousands of new search terms.

And people are using search engines…

A lot.

On the Compete.com blog, Debra Miller writes, “Three out of five shoppers said that they always or often use search engines when shopping online.”

3. Everyone is a publisher now. Anyone can partake in media creation and distribution.

In other words, media isn’t for the elite few that can afford to buy expensive print ads or shoot a commercial for television. Literally, anyone can write quality, helpful content and get found online, meaning if you aren’t doing it, your competitors are. And if competitors aren’t, well, you’d benefit greatly by exploiting that fact.

With good content, you can reach your customers directly. You can speak to their problems, answer their questions, and build their trust.

Content is key. It’s the basis of a good online marketing campaign, and a blog is the best way to harness the power of unique, quality content.

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